The Original Expert on Patterson Film and Noteworthy Researchers

You might note that I call this the Patterson Film. There is a reason. The person who takes the film is the owner of that film. Gimlin was a witness. We don't name witnesses in film or Zapruder film would have had a length list of names. 

MK Davis is an astrophotographer who had the expertise and the curiosity to wonder about the original Patterson film footage. He contacted Mrs. Patterson and was the first person to handle the original footage to create a stabilized and sharp image of the trek of the infamous Patty. 

His video is the most utilized version of the footage because it is of a quality that no other researcher has obtained yet.

There are, however, many who would like to claim the title of the original stabilizer of the film, but they cannot. There are also a great deal who steal MK's videos online and take out the watermark, and try to claim them as theirs. These practices happen online and we all have been victims of it at one time or another. There are plenty of women on Facebook using my profile pic and others who have imitated my blog, blog's name, and stolen my posts. This is the sad reality of sharing info in the World Wide Web. 

All we need to know is that MK has the longest, best and most detailed analysis of the film - ever. His YouTube channel is a treasure trove of new and clearer images that show (like the video above) Patty's hair and musculature. No one knows the film like MK does. So, if you want to go to the source, I suggest you go to the original font of knowledge.

The film, under detailed analysis, has raised a lot of questions and controversy. There are as many people thieving video copies as there are passing stories around on the internet. Rumor mills are ways for people who want to latch on to someone else's fame or notoriety to support their cult hero. 

There are a lot of cults of personality in the field of Bigfootery, which is why I keep my studies with true researchers and not media hounds and wannabe's. It wastes my time when I can be working among a think tank of true minds in the field.

Personalities, rumors, wannabe's and posers aside, the real deal is MK Davis and I am proud to say that of the reseachers I actually admire in this field that is too riddled with bullies, haters, idiots and hangers on. 

If someone has to spend their time tearing down others and gossiping and name calling, stop and take note. 

That person is not only hoping to raise himself up, not by his own actual body of work, but by taking competition down. And, also note that he will use that sharp tongue against you too the minute you say "no." Know your field of study. Know the players. Know the real deal.

MK Davis earned his reputation for his actual body of work, both behind the computer, in the field, handling film, interviewing, and poking around the woods, desert, and caves in search of answers. That's a body of work. He lives it, breathes it, educates himself in many studies, hikes the hard hike, spends his own money to go on treks in search of clues and to see sites where things were filmed to assess the source.

Putting it this way - we respect Tesla for his groundbreaking scientific discoveries and the Vikings for finding America. Sure, there was Edison and Columbus - but we all know the truth of who was first. 

MK's Channel
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