Saturday, September 26, 2015

Michael Dougherty: Horror Director To Watch

We have had a hard time finding the stand-out horror directors in recent years. We had James Wan, who was very moody and inventive, if not reprocessing old themes from the 70s and the same elements over and over like puppets and creepy old-fashioned music. We have had JJ Abrams who does more over the top scifi feeling horror stories that are beautifully executed if not a bit too CGI. 

But, where are the directors who get themes that we relate to, can put ourselves in, that don't involve just a crazed serial killer but the horrors of our youth come to life? Well, we've found him in writer/director, Michael Dougherty!

He first got noted for "X-Men." But, in 2009, when "Trick R Treat" came out, he got the notice of hungry horror lovers who were worn down from 80s slashers and "Saw" and "Hostel" style gorefests. We wanted something that captured the terrors we felt as kids when we first sneaked and watched a "forbidden" horror movie. Oh, and the movie delivered with so much style and darkness....

Now, we are all gearing up for what looks to be a most awesome ancient legend come to life for Christmas season. "Krampus" looks to be a home run.

I'm keeping my eye on this director. I think he gets us. Hopefully, he is ushering a new "legend-telling/storytelling" genre of horror that takes us back to our childhood darkest fears....

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