Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kolchak Cold Cases: The Case of the Evil Dorm

*Another installment of an unexplained para case presented in Kolchak-esque style. Links to the true case are below. *

(Intro to "Kolchak: The Night Stalker")

Wilson Hall at Ohio University has carried a reputation that might have been the death of it. 

The mysteries surrounding this most unlucky of places have made it a thing of fear and speculation for decades.

Established in the 1800s in Athens, Ohio, a town with a reputation for the unexplained, Wilson Hall was reportedly built in the middle of a pentagram formed by five local cemeteries. Some worried this feature might accommodate empowerment to black magical practices. 

And, they might have been right....

More specifically, the dark and unsettling reputation began in a specific room; room 428.

A student was reportedly practicing the dark arts in the room when he died a most violent death. If this wasn't enough to make the building most foul, another rumor passed around that there was an Indian burial ground beneath the building. 

Students in the dorm building began to report objects flying and a demonic face showing in the wooden door's surface. When the door was changed, the face would appear again and again. 

Later, a young woman moved into the room for a semester at the university and she began practicing astral projection. Astral projection is a practiced method of the spirit escaping the body form and traveling. She eventually slit her wrists and died. 

It would seem the residual in the room was provoking healthy young adults to lose their minds and die. 

The university permanently sealed the room off and called it "uninhabitable." 

Although some skeptics claim the reasoning is suggestibility and young college kids unable to handle the oppressive history of the room while far away from home. But, others who lived through the events in the building claim that, even though the room is sealed, it does little to contain the negative spirits that still roam the halls....


Haunted Athens 

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