Friday, September 4, 2015

Kolchak Cold Cases: The Case of the Attack of the Flying Witch

*Another installment of an unexplained para case presented in Kolchak-esque style. Links to the true case are below. *

(Intro to "Kolchak: The Night Stalker")

A young officer in Monterrey Mexico went about his routine rounds, an evening just like any other. Then, an unexpected and angry encounter forever changed his life. And it was no criminal he was battling, but something so horrifying that this professional officer still does not like to speak of it. 

Officer Leonardo Sarmaniego was driving his patrol car around one cold dark night, like any other. He knew the routine well.

As he turned down a street, something big and black fell from a tree. But, then, it did the unthinkable. It stopped before it hit the ground. It seemed to float!

When the black object turned around, the officer hit his high beams to get a better look. 

The frightened officer recalls, "It was a woman...all dressed in black that fell from the tree but she didn't touch the ground, just remained floating several feet from the ground...I saw her very well and then she landed softly on the ground and stood there looking at me. She was trying to cover her face from the lights of the car, I think they were bothering her. I could see two big black eyes on her, completely black without eyelids, and her skin was dark brown. She was all dressed in black with cloak and cape like a witch and she seemed very upset by the lights."

Further interview with the officer reveals one of the most terrifying accounts with the unexplanable relayed by an officer.

"As soon as I realized it was a kind of woman being, or a witch, very strange standing there trying to cover her face, she threw herself against my car very fast, falling on the car and hitting the windshield. She was flying very fast and it took only a second to hit the windshield glass. I was so shocked by this action that I put the car in reverse and pushed the accelerator trying to get away while requesting backup assistance by radio."

As Officer Sarmaniego screamed for backup on his radio and drove in reverse, the witch tried to reach through the windshield for him. What he saw was burned forever in his memory.

"It was a woman with big black eyes, everything was black, no eyelids. Her skin was dark brown and her expression was horrible. She was furiously trying to get me with her claws while I was running away in reverse calling desperately for backup assistance to any units around. When I finally hit the end of the street, I was so shocked that I covered my eyes and then I fainted."

The officer was discovered minutes later by police and ambulance, and found to be passed out.

No one witnessed the event. Police were not sure what to make of the supposed encounter. Many felt it was a bad harbinger of things to come and yet others wished to brush it under the rug and move on. 

Still, the case of the flying witch haunts the officer and all who heard his story and many who have seen flying humanoids point to the sky and remind us to keep our eyes open. 

For the original story go HERE.

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