Happy Birthday Elvira (and - Me)!

I'm certain that the zest for life, love of horror, and adoration for makeup and campiness are just a few things Cassandra Peterson and I share. My real family name is Thorvaldsen. Dad changed it coming to America from Norway. So, we share Scandinavian background, red hair, tall height, love of dancing and, ahem, a couple other things....

The character of Elvira has been brilliantly designed and executed by Cassandra for decades and it a thrill to share the same birthday. It explains now why I so get her! 

Happy Birthday Cassandra; you are a national treasure and have earned your way into the hearts of every para geek out there!


  1. Happy birthda, best wishes!!
    I am not quite sure who Elvira is but now I am intrigued to find out!


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