Halloween Makeup


Black eyeliner pencil to the tip of nose, bottom of nostrils and underneath of nose. Black dots in the "mustache" area. Pat lips with foundation to pale them up. Line eyes with black pencil. Tease hair and make it a wild mane. 


Start with a pale base. Add white greasepaint to your foundation. I use a Kabuki brush to make small circles and get the makeup nice and flat and covering the face well (this is the ONLY way I apply foundation). Elvira has fuchsia cheek color with a deep burgundy under it to make it look almost like stripes. Lips are very red. I used a fine pointed brush dipped it water and black eyeshadow to make the liner. You can use a pencil, I just like the impact of wet eyeshadow as it is bold and strong. The corner of the eye is drawn up to the inner nasal area and the across the lid and upward. Don't be afraid to make it stronger than you dare. The inner corner of the outlined eye is white - I dipped the pointed brush into water and the white shadow to dab it in. A combination of purples and hot pinks for eyeshadows is Elvira's way and be sure to define your eyebrows dark and nicely defined. Add a mole under the eye. I used an Elvira wig and the minute you put it on - BAM! You feel like the legendary horror diva.

Abandoned doll

White greasepaint makeup can be found in the Halloween aisle at the drugstore, Walmart, Target, or Spirit Halloween. It's very cheap and easy to us. In this case, I mixed it with a touch of my own foundation to make it more opaque. I used a very fine pointed brush and dipped it in water and then black eyeshadow and drew exaggerated eyelashes like a baby doll would have. I did full ripe red lips. You can also add the dot circles of blush as dolls often have. Now, take the wet brush in black shadow and make random crack lines around the face. Do the neck, as well with makeup and cracks.  Consider doing you hair in pigtails, but have one of them lopsided and the elastic falling down, a torn old-fashioned dress with stains....


This was done with foundation mixed with white grease paint. Blue shadow was dabbed on the lips, worked around the eyes for a bruised look.


Zombies are a blast to do. I mixed foundation with some blue and white grease paints. I first took Elmer's glue and put in blobs around my face, letting it dry. Then, I dabbed purple shadow with a sponge around my face randomly to cause mottling. I then sponged on the foundation on my face, neck and lips, and dabbed purple with a sponge around the eyes. Don't be afraid to work with the blue/purple palette around the face randomly. You don't want smooth and neat. You want burst vessels and pooling of blood upon death. Now, peel back some of the glue for wounds and drip fake blood into them. To make the wounds look grizzly, I put black eyeliner pencil inside them to look deep. 

Ventriloquist doll

Use pale foundation. Now, two perfect dots on the cheeks using cream blush. Red lips. Take a dark eyebrow pencil and make exaggerated lashes around the eyes, freckles, and lines for where the hinged mouth opens. 


Fur-lined coat (this was a vest), leggings, knee boots with fur atop them (can do furry leg warmers), layering of dingy-colored clothing. I put on makeup that looked cool palette, purples/blues. I then put a rune shape on my forehead with an eyebrow pencil - in this case "flame." Don't forget your infamous horned hat.


You need only hint at scales. I used my pointed tiny brush and wet it and dipped into dark green to make scale shapes and then filled in with a grass green. You can add iridescence with frosted white and lavender, purple, indigo. 

And, if you want to do bruising, here is my video on how to do it with simple eyeshadows -

And here's how to make a fake wound (below)