Forest For the Trees: Upcoming Horror!

Most of my friends and readers know that I adore independent artists, from writers to moviemakers, musicians to sculptures; you name it!

This indie movie is in pre-production, but if you have watched ghost hunting shows for years, you might be intrigued by the way this movie is presenting the genre in a horror format.

“Forest for the Trees”, is currently in pre-production in California. The story follows the cast of a reality Web series called “Chasing Spirits”, who investigate paranormal activity. The group of five individuals is thrust deep into the cursed Mallum Forest, located within the Sequoia National Forest, to research a series of strange disappearances of people there.

What makes the film unique is the technology involved. All of the shots will be cut from the cast’s camera angles. Those shots will provide the effect of found footage, similar to a video of live developments found in social media on the Internet. The experience promises to be very realistic for the viewing audience.

I'll be keeping my eye on the progress of this one and letting y'all know when it's released!