Creepy Place Awards

"Best Place To Join the Family"

Some abandoned sites tell a story. Some of these photos found online evoke some horrifying scenarios. Enjoy this Halloween'ish posting of my Creepy Place Awards....

"Best Place To Revive the Dead"

"Best Place To Meet Your Dark Maker"

"Best Place To Lurk Between Killings"

"Best Place To Practice Dark Alchemy"

"Best Place For Vampires To Wed"

"Best Place to Talk to the Ouija"

"Best Place For the Exorcism"

"Best Place To Spot Dragons"

"Best Place To Sleep Through the Daylight"

"Best Place to Morph"

"Best Place to Stew the Bones"

"Best Place to Mingle With Specters" 

"Best Place to Wait Out the Apocalyse"

"Best Position For Picking Off Outsiders"

"Best Place to Have a Mad Tea Party"

"Best Place to Hide the Bodies"

"Best Place to Receive Your Punishment"

"Best Place to Stalk a Victim"

"Best Place to be Chained to the Wall"

"Best Place to be Watched by the Unseen"

"Best Place to be Eaten Alive"


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