Friday, September 18, 2015

Abandoned and Converted Schools

School buildings are nostalgic structures, lined by windows, long halls, tons of bathroom stalls. But what happens to them when they are abandoned? 

Some are left to age, empty, unattended, reclaimed by nature like this red schoolhouse in Pipestem, West Virginia.

Sadly, it ended up being a catch-all for old computers and sewing machines, books and more for the district. 

Some smart businesses have seen a potential in those schoolrooms. One stellar example is Noftsger Hill Inn in Globe, Arizona. It's one of my very favorite places in the state to stay.

The rooms are charming beyond belief and school chalkboards, desks and other mementos are still around, along with tons of historic pictures on the walls. 

The charming and beautiful owner prepares the most amazing breakfasts in a formal dining room. You feel so at home here. It is a great romantic getaway with a view down the high hill it's on, a garden, and close to lots of antiquing. 

One of my favorite places in the Portland area is McMenamins. It is both a charming and intact looking school, but also a B&B and brewery/restaurant.

Winthrop, Washington has an old schoolhouse brewery called...Old Schoolhouse Brewery! Word is that the place is for sale! 

Some folks just convert a schoolhouse into a house - 

If you don't want to convert a school, consider a school bus - 

More converted schools 

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