Friday, August 28, 2015

Two Of My Books Highly Recommended

Growing Up With Ghosts is my award-winning 5-star rated nonfiction book (Paperback) (Kindle). It is on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. It can be purchased in paperback on most online sellers too. 

I shared the unsettling accounts of my and my family’s experiences at the 250-year-old house we called home in Northern Virginia. The actively haunted estate had been used as a field hospital during the Civil War and left a lingering residue of haunting activity, apparitions, voices, object movement, and more. To me, growing up there since I was a baby, the phenomena seemed quite normal and natural. It honed my desire to understand how and why hauntings occur and led me as an adult into the field of paranormal investigation.

Here's just one of the many 5-star reviews:

Truth really is stranger than fiction. And this book surely ranks among the highest for strange but true stories. She chronicles her childhood from her earliest memories of her experiences with ghosts in a house she and her family occupied in Northern Virginia in the 1960's and 70's.

Most people who've had experiences with ghosts in fleeting moments often have trouble processing what they've seen because maybe they understand too well what "normal" is supposed to be. But Sharon Day grew up with a different definition of normal, and took it and ran with it. She was a child, not traumatized at all by her experiences, but molded and shaped by the wonder all around her during those years.

In her book, she takes you through the strange journey of her day to day life of this quirky, often bewildering, but only sometimes scary world of spirits and unusual events that unfolded as she grew up in the 250-year-old house with her four siblings.
Growing Up With Ghosts offers a clear picture into what has shaped and molded the author of the popular blog, Ghost Hunting Theories, and what drives her to find answers in her paranormal research to this day. Growing Up With Ghosts is a great tribute to that and well worth the read for ghosts lovers or anyone else looking for entertaining reading. I highly recommend it. It won't disappoint.

Vacationing With Ghosts is my 5-star rated nonfiction book (paperback) (Kindle) in paperback on Amazon and Kindle ebook, as well as in paperback online at most online bookstores. 

Vacationing With Ghosts is my account of my childhood summer home and the haunted local area, told from the point of view of me as a psychic child in the 1960s and 1970s. This nostalgic look at Mobjack Bay and the quiet inlet where my family’s summer home was located is both a beautiful accounting of a magical time and place, and also an insightful view into how a psychically sensitive child deals with an ever-changing landscape of spectral comings and goings. From stories of pirate ghosts and blue orbs of floating lights in the graveyard to the lonely female ghost screaming on The Bay, I transport the reader with me to dark and misty inlets, unsolved mysteries, quirks of nature and other realms using the very insights I utilize today on my popular blog site, Ghost Hunting Theories.

Here's just one of the many 5-star reviews - 

A nostalgic look at the paranormal and family which, among my family, can be a little paranormal. Day follows up "Growing Up With Ghosts" with a return to her old family home. The family anecdotes are delightful and the book concludes with favorite family recipes. Having said that, the meat of the book is the paranormal. I highly recommend it and give it 5 stars out of 5.


I admit that I often forget to remind my readers that I have numerous books online. In fact, you can go to my author page on Amazon and find them all HERE.

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