Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sweet Midnight: Fun Horror Fashions

I am lucky enough to follow some amazing artists on Facebook and one that I've been following caught my eye for her high energy, beautiful artistry, and love for horror in the most darling of ways. Renee Harper really has impressed me and when I see an artist with a craft, I just want to let others know. 

Renee owns the fashion design company, "Sweet Midnight" that makes fun and campy, tongue-in-cheek and nostalgic horror clothing and accessories. She artistic, fun, brilliant, and high-energy. I have yet to see anything she does that isn't creatively and stylistically brilliant! 

Classic Monster Skater Skirt $34.99

Hitchhiking Ghost Dress $44.99

Shrunken Head Dress $44.99

After Monsterpalooza, Renee tells me that her adorable jewelry (it is to die for!) is going up on her Etsy shop. In the mean time, join Sweet Midnight on Facebook and if you see jewelry displayed that you like, let her know. They are for sale. This expansion of the business is an exciting one!

This September 18-20, Sweet Midnight will be at Son of Monsterpalooza in Burbank, California. It's a great time to see this artistic, energetic and enthusiastic woman. 

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