Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spirit Halloween Animatronics: What is Right? What is Wrong?

Cerberus $179.99

It's getting close to that amazing time of the year. At Christmastime, kiddies rush to mall Santas, but in autumn, us para geeks and horror freaks rush to Spirit Halloween shops wherever they pop up. There is nothing more gleeful than wandering the aisles, considering costumes and accessories, hearing the sounds of howls and moans, dark corners, gothic headstones, and more. 

The concept of a holiday store is a great one - some of us shop for year-round decorating for our homes and clothing for date night there. We're pretty hardcore. 

Who doesn't want to wear these hose year round?

Spirit Halloween sometimes misses out on some amazing opportunities. Imagine having a barista with pumpkin topped hot drinks and cookies with candy corn in them and a place to sit among the horrors? 

Imagine having animatronics that are painted more realistic and that are manageable sizes and don't just scream and jump? Sometimes they hit the mark, most of the time, they annoy.

This one (above) is a nice addition to a cemetery. It is 5'5" tall and nicely colored.

And then there's Pennywise the Clown...

Pennywise $199.99

Pennywise was not scary as a full figure. Pennywise was scary in the storm drain. (Once again, poorly executed makeup - that is not Pennywise!)

A Pennywise head in a storm drain that sits atop a table or windowsill, with a firm string and balloon floating above it and him motion activated to growl in that husky voice that they float down there....

Animated Mannequin $169.99

The look and concept are great! Love this one! Until it begins the audio. Great creaking mechanical sounds. And then there's a hokey voice! No voice please! Something the inventors aren't considering is the use at parties or in a home during the season. If this had no voice, but made creaky sounds, it'd be a blast piece of atmosphere. But that voice! You just want to shut it off!

Some animatronics are purely a one-shot deal. The jumping spider is fine at the front door to scare the little kiddies. 

Always keep these things under consideration when choosing animatronics:

Does it tell an interesting story just by looks alone? 

When it's not in motion, does is still disturb? 

Does it fit into the space in which you would use it? 

Will it annoy you sound-wise if it plays all night?

Do you have space to store it or is it interesting enough to have it up all year in your home and not get sick of it? 

When you were in the store, did that device seem to have people flocking around it in wonder? 

How stable is it to use? Will it tip over in a wind or off a table top where you want to display it?  

What kind of power does it run on? 

Don't forget to go to the store locator to see when and where your local stores are opening.

Also, check out Spirit Halloween's YouTube Channel to see the animatronics in action.

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