Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shots of Awe: Motivational YouTube Channels

There are, upon occasion, YouTube channels I become addicted to. I click the gear in the upper right once I subscribe and "get updates" to my email so I can know when they post something new. Shots of Awe is one such channel. 

Jason Silva does a most amazing job of imparting motivation, perspective shift, and philosophy with passion and energy, edited with music and gorgeous photographs and locations to truly put you in "awe." 

Jason Silva is a motivational speaker who calls himself a philosopher, futurist, and media artist. He is also the host of National Geographic's "Brain Games" show. He manages to pack a punch in just a few minutes' time. This is something I have long wanted to see for the use of YouTube, that instead of long verbose videos, something that can capture your eye and your mind and spirit within maybe just 3 minutes' time, the span of time you might watch something on your phone in a waiting room or on your work computer during a coffee break. Warning: What he packs is a concentrated punch!

On days when I need my gumption, I will put a bunch of the Shots of Awe videos in my queue just so I can turn on my TV and Roku and watch the YouTube History and run the videos back to back in the background while I am getting my work done for the day. The music, his hypnotic voice with a punch of gumption, and the beautiful settings distract me just enough to keep the inspiration alive and make me focus better on my tasks. 

I have plenty of YouTube channels I subscribe to for motivation, insight, and sometimes just for companionship and fun. Here's just some more of them I watch regularly.

Happy Healthy Vegan 
Daily Motivation
CGP Grey (learning)
ET the Hip Hop Preacher
Tony Robbins

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