Project Afterlife: Destination America

Tonight on Destination America Channel - a new show premieres - "Project Afterlife" at 10 pm EST.

The show focuses on cases of near-death experiences with two cases tonight that baffled the doctors.


  1. DO NOT LIKE/TRUST the "christian" influanceon this show/topic.

    1. I do agree that the show shows a weighted agenda. I gave it a try and gave up.

  2. I too dislike the obvious and exclusively Christian take on the show. I also find it insulting to all of us that have lost loved ones to suggest that maybe we did not pray hard or long enough to bring our loved ones back from the dead.

  3. As a Christian, I don't think ANYONE on this show is saying that your LACK OF PRAYERS kept your loved one dead. God does NOT always bring people back. I have lost many loved ones that I prayed for miracles to happen to and it did not help. It does not deter my faith. I think it is a good thing to see something positive come from a bad situation. Even if it did not happen to my loved ones.

  4. I agree with the Jesus agenda. We need to have some kids tell there story's to give a not so jaded description of their after death experiences. I died 2 times within 2 weeks when I was 8 and my experiences where nothing like these.


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