Heading Into Halloween on Ghost Hunting Theories

(Me in Elvira costume)

Y'all know that I am a Halloween and autumn freak - 

I am amping it up September and October on the blog - 

September is "Kolchak Cold Cases" month with tons of unsolved paranormal mysteries, presented in a Kolchak-writing style for your delight and chills.

October is going to be "How-To Halloween" month. It will be about the craftspeople and how-to's of decorating, cooking, costuming, telling good scary stories, having themed parties and a lot more. It will be packed with info.

As well, October is going to be a month that my co-author Julie Ferguson, and I will be hitting a bunch of scary events and haunted attractions and sharing them, as well as a large ghost study at a really creepy location. 

I mean to have everyone steeping in horror and autumnal wonder with extra posts (sometimes two a day) involving all things autumn, atmosphere, spookiness, and vintage Halloween.

This is my season!