Thursday, August 13, 2015

Haunted, Abandoned and Converted Churches

Haunted Churches

Haunted churches, churches left abandoned, churches turned into homes; all intriguing prospects. Most churches agree that it is consecrated ground and cannot be haunted, but we all agree that sometimes the places we most loved on earth, we will want to revisit in death. 

Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia has a cemetery that holds Confederate soldiers who died in prison camps. The graves go way back to the 1700s. It has a reputation as haunted. The ghosts show up in photos for visitors. 

A photo taken of a man outside the church had an odd face show up. Some believe it's a reflection, but it sure is spooky.

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Abandoned Churches

Abandoned churches are lonely vessels that were built with such hopes and dreams in styles that were grand and regal and are now lonely hollow ships without passengers. 

Converted Churches

What about converting a church into a home? There is something about the spacious high ceilings and stained glass, open spaces, and the echoing resonance of hymns and prayers to make a church a gloriously relaxing home.

Churches for sale 

Even Ghost Hunters checked out a supposedly haunted converted church/house...

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