Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hardcore Halloween Haunters Share Secrets, Tips and Tricks!

It's early for considering Halloween decorating, right? Nope, it's almost getting late if you are into creating a good haunt for your yard!  

If you love Halloween, at some point you've wondered if you could dare make a yard that kids talk about and can't wait for next season. 

Some of the work seems overwhelming, but most of it is about technique, knowing how to place lights, get good soundtracks, and give illusions with such simple things as fabric stiffener, cheesecloth, and styrofoam. 

Halloween Monster List
Instructables Halloween
Home Haunters Association
Haunters List 
Haunting 101
Scary Visions

Halloween Yard Haunters
Homemade (DIY) Halloween Props 
PA Haunters
Haunter's Hangout

Graves of the Groves

Back from the Grave
Spirit Halloween 
Villafane Studios (best pumpkin carving items)
Unhinged Productions

Some videos to get you excited - 

Now that the season is upon us, be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channels and click the gear shape in the upper right hand corner to get updates on when they put new vids up. This time of year, the haunters are sharing lots of tips and progress on projects. Even if you aren't doing handy work, you will love to see what others are inventing! 

Stiltbeast is my favorite how-to Halloween channel and I get updates every time this brilliant man loads a new instructional. Look for his studios online too - here

I love Pumpkinrot. I get my Halloween Cards from his shop and he has amazing creations he sells too. I also love his yearly scarecrows and his haunting videos - 

HauntWorld has some great tips for haunting your own home.

Great simple projects for your home haunt at Popular Mechanics.

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