Friday, August 28, 2015

Getting in the Halloween Mood With All Your Senses

You know you do it. Come, admit it. You anticipate Halloween the minute September is about to roll around. You are anticipating fall. You want the shorter days, the cooler nights, the pumpkin patches, and the harvest moon. In fact, Julie Ferguson and I did a whole chapter in our book, "Paranormal Geeks" just about Halloween and what it means to our people with lots of our tribe of para geeks chiming in on the most hallowed of holidays.

Let's take this bit by bit - how you can introduce little tastes of the coming season into your end of summer routine. 


It's time to consider switching over to more autumnal types of scents for yourself and your home. Think in terms of scented candles, pot pourri, body fragrance, air freshener, and bath oil. Consider scents like rosemary, pine, cedar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and chocolate. I buy a bottle of grain alcohol or vodka and put it into a spray bottle with an essential oil mix with autumn smells. I shake it up and use it as an air freshener. It works amazingly! 

How about Candlecopia's autumn-scented soy candle? The scent of a walk in the woods with fallen leaves, pine and berries? 

Try some cinnamon and pumpkin body lotion?

Autumn wreath-scented air spray

Autumn cologne spray


Transylvania by Nox Arcana personifies Halloween with howling and sounds of the night in a moody music that is ideal for a background setting.

Horror background sounds for Halloween - 

Horror movie themes - 


How about a plush throw blanket?

Cuddle something Halloweenie? 

Halloween pillow - 


The right creepy items around you and you are in the mood 24/7.

How about a window peeper?

A candelabra is always a welcome ambiance enhancer.

A creepy wall portrait is a must - 


The most immediate way to get in the mood for Halloween is to indulge in the sweet tastes of the season. There are tons of pumpkin products on the shelf, but also think of red hot cinnamon, apple, pear, chocolate, candy corn taste, and caramel. 

For taste and visual, consider getting some interesting odd jars and filling them with candy corn and placing on a shelf - 

Pumpkin Spice Creamer for your coffee - 

Autumn tea in a cup - 

An assortment of nostalgic candy - 


How hardcore are you for Halloween? How about the entire movie collection???

Nostalgia? It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown -

Hocus Pocus - fantastic Halloween delight - 

Trick R' Treat is another great one based on Halloween night with lots of atmosphere -

October 16th, "Tales of Halloween" made by a group of the best names in horror and containing 10 tales looks pretty damn promising -

I put my Halloween up in my home. I hope everyone is getting the mood. The season goes so fast! 

-Also, check out my ghost mirrors and scarecrow head on my Etsy shop - Madam Curio

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