Friday, August 14, 2015

Fred Kanney's Video Sasquatch Capture

Fred Kanney in Virginia is one of my very favorite Sasquatch researchers and it is not easy to impress me, so that says a great deal.

Fred has a great YouTube channel where he readily shares his hikes he's been taking into the foothills of VA for decades. He shows what he's tracking, how to look for clues, uses many techniques. 

The clans in this area he stalks are well aware of him and no longer see him as a threat. In fact, they pop up in many of his videos by virtue that a Sasquatch's #1 method to not be seen is to freeze in place. Their hair picks up light and dark and so long as they do not move, you will not see them. They depend on this, but a great researcher knows how to overcome this visual dilemma.

Panning the camera from one location, not moving, just pivoting and filming slowly back and forth allows the Sasquatch the opportunity to hide. You can compare the pan one direction and the one the other direction to find where they came and went when you view it on the screen later on.

Here's an example of how the Sasquatch do it from Fred's "On the Hill" video - 

This guy (above) stood still, but he couldn't stop the wind or the light hitting his hair. A tuft of hair at the top of his head floats up (above)

But, then the tuft flats back down against his head. 

In a very recent video Fred took on his walk, he caught something that didn't belong there...

At 4:57 (above) you can see this thing between the two trees. 

The right-hand two dark trees with something between them (above)

Zoom looks like two faces (above)

Below is what would be the outline of it - 

Fred, being a real professional about this, went back to the spot a day later. 

Nothing between the trees now (above)

Check this video where he goes back and shows you what he finds - 

I cannot say enough how important it is to - 

a. Let the area occupants know you - go there often, be predictable, speak, sing, hang out, and just do this over time. Be patient. 

b. Show that you see the signs. Stop and show you are worthy by noting rock stacks, stick configurations, X's and arches.

c. Stop and pan the camera slowly, allowing them to still themselves to not be seen, then pan back from the same position to compare the two views later in search of any missing elements.

Fred Kanney is not just a Sasquatch researcher, he is a man who lives in and for the woods. He has respect, he knows his tracking, hunting, and what is edible. He has an easygoing casual attitude that helps keep things at ease and without threat.

If you don't follow Fred's YouTube channel, you are missing a library of information and the opportunity to be as if you are hiking the woods with him. He describes and shows you everything. I wish we had more earnest researchers like Fred.

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