Thursday, August 6, 2015

Famous and Infamous Ghost Photographs

The Brown Lady (above) is one of the most famous supposed ghost photos of all time. Why is it supposed? It is because ghosts haven't been proven so evidence of ghosts is supposed, even if we believe it to be genuine.

This photo was take in 1936 in England. It is the belief this is the lady of the manor who lived in the 1700s.

Perhaps one of the more famous ghost photo was the lady from Bachelor's Grove Cemetery (above) in Illinois in 1991. I am not a particular believer in this photo as a ghost photo. The woman seated is casting a shadow beneath her legs and at her rear end.

The infamous Amityville ghost seen supposedly peeking out from the door on the left, his head just above the banister with glowing eyes. 

During a seance in a supposedly haunted Toys R Us in California a high speed camera caught a guy leaning against the wall in the distance - a guy that the regular camera taking a shot at the same time, did not pick up. This is another reason why I'm an advocate of the use of strobe light. If something is going to be seen for a fraction of a second that our eyes can't detect, what if we slow that down? If you put a strobe light on a ceiling fan, it seems to be at a standstill and you can see the blades when you photograph instead of a blur. This slowing down is helpful if the flash of an image is just too quick for a camera or our eyes to see at real life speed.

Barry Taff was one of the lead investigators on a case many came to know as "The Entity" case and which a movie was based upon called "The Entity." A woman in Southern California confessed to some investigators that she was being raped by a ghost in her home. This photo (above) became perhaps the single most revered ghost photograph to be taken, as it was obtained during an investigation with many investigators in the room watching the insane light show. 

The SS Watertown ghosts (above) were considered to be one of the most "authentic" ghost photos taken. The image was take at sea in 1925 by some sailors who believed that two sailors buried at sea were haunting the water around their ship. 

Let's just look at some other reported ghost photographs that are out there. Come to your own conclusions. We all get there by different means - 

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