Monday, August 3, 2015

Abandoned and Haunted Graveyards

I stumbled upon an abandoned cemetery in a forest one time. I pushed back brambles and overgrowth to expose headstones that hadn't seen the light in 50 years. It was an impressive thing and also a sad one. Some small family plots end up being unattended as families move away, plants and trees grow up, and forests claim the dead. As sad and lonely as these spots are, they are also quite beautiful.

Abandoned Graveyards

Haunted Graveyards

Let's talk about just a few of the infamous haunted cemeteries around the US -

Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois is famous for “Resurrection Mary,” a female ghost who likes to hitch rides and then disappear. This is a favorite urban legend and truly believed by the locals who have witnessed a wandering woman along the roadway.

Wolfinger Cemetery in Toledo, Ohio is known for a family who died within a few weeks of each other. The children are said to be seen playing among the headstones.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in the area of Midlothian, Illinois is probably one of the most talked about haunted cemetery in America. Most of the phenomenon here is related to its isolation, its ramshackle condition, and vandalism, as well as signs of occult practice. Sometimes, a creepy isolated cemetery is more haunted by the living than the dead. However, reportedly very solid figures of ghosts have been seen here.

Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur Illinois is where a limping boy in large overalls is seen amongst the headstones. Spectral lights are also seen.

St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, LA is probably one of the most photographed and toured ones. Madam Laveau, the proclaimed queen of voodoo is buried there. Many people leave her offerings to appease her spirit.

Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio has foggy apparitions at night. (picture above is the Haserot Angel, a favorite landmark at this cemetery).

Stull Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas is often referred to as the “Cemetery of the Damned.” The story says that the Devil’s half-human child is buried in the cemetery and shows himself as a 9-year-old boy who can turn himself into a cat or dog or werewolf. (Convenient, depending on what stray animal wanders into the cemetery). As legends go, this one is pretty good. Certainly a curious place.

I was so inspired by an abandoned cemetery in Southern Arizona, that I based a fictional western horror novella on it. It had been struck by lightning and it made me wonder - what if you just buried people in there and it was struck by lightning? I hope to finish "Sheriff Kai: Zombie Outlaw Killer" some time this year. It is the second in the "Midnight Arroyo" western series that I began with "Josiah: Undead Cowboy" on Kindle (99 cents). These novellas all tie together with an arroyo running through their towns and gold having special properties. Josiah was a vampire tale and Sheriff Kai is a zombie one. The final story will deal with werewolves. 

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