Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Three Obstacles to Accurate Psychic Reads

There are three enemies of any good psychic read. You've probably seen it happen on those TV psychic reads when the psychic misses the mark and skids down a wrong path and tries to back pedal, maybe saying something like, "I must be picking up on someone else's relative." 

These three enemies are; ego, intellect and interpretation.


Imagine if you're known for 3-point shots in basketball and every time someone hears you play basketball, they expect you to make a 3-pointer for them to see. A little pressure? Yeah. And, being asked to do psychic reads on a whim is not an easy thing, or even doing it for cash or for someone you love. Any pressure makes the desire to produce all-consuming. Sometimes, as a psychic, we want to provide something unique and exciting. When we get a person who is excited by what we just said, then we tend to want to pursue that line of information harder and it may be a dead end. You just tell the client that her mother used to collect cookie jars from the 1940s and she squeals with excitement and now you want to focus on mother's other quirks. 

It's normal to want to please people or give more information than you have, but you must stop yourself from going to the point of no return. Sometimes, you're tapping a dry well. This is why, if I do a reading, I turn away from the person and ask them to remain quiet. I don't want to feed off their reactions. Sometimes, too, if we see a shift in facial expression or posture we become insecure and that brings in the wrong part of the brain, the ego realm and the thinker.


Intellect says, if a person comes to you for a read and you know them well, say a good long-time friend, if you pick up something like "her mother used to call her `stinker'" but you know her mother and you can't imagine her saying that, then you will dismiss it. 

If a person comes to you who looks wealthy and hands you a wedding band, you don't expect to see poverty and hunger, so you dismiss that when it could be that the person grew up poor and is now consumed by acquiring money. 

You must not doubt your reads. You must let them go, set them free without edit. I do like to perform reads not looking at or hearing from the person and I prefer someone I don't know at all because it won't color what I get. I spew out everything, rattling on, following anything that seems to give more information and then double back and take another path. I don't want confirmation from them, I don't let myself doubt it.

Our intellect will try to seep through and evaluate the odds of something being right, to try to break it down logically, or begin that analytical evaluation that has nothing to do with the PSI aspect of the brain's talents.

Example:  I once went to a singles party and a man, who obviously thought psychics were a joke, dared me to do a read. He pulled a wedding band off his wedding finger. Intellect would have told me that he was handing me his wedding ring and was separated. I could have pursued insights into that arena, but I didn't. I do like I always do, hold it and let myself be blank as if I don't even know what this object is or what it means. 

I told him what I saw, even though ego would have stopped me (because my chances this were right was probably less than 1%) and intellect would have stopped me (this is a wedding ring and he's at a singles party), but I proceeded to tell him that the ring was given to him by a man and that it had been in a junk drawer for a long time. The man gave him the ring telling him that it meant more to this man than it had to himself. 

When I looked up, the man was white as a sheet and trembling as he put the ring back on. His brother had announced he was gay 8 months ago and took off his wedding ring and gave it to his brother and said that it meant something to him that it had never meant to himself. This man had put it in his drawer in the kitchen with all the junk stuff for the past several months and just took it out and put it on as a show for his brother that he was okay with the decision to leave his wife and family and pursue his true life course as a gay man.

Sometimes, you must take a giant leap as a psychic and say things that make no sense to you, because that is what was presented from a genuine wellspring of knowledge that is beyond your own limited concepts.


A psychic is only as good as her/his knowledge. A frame of reference for novel information is critical. I had a time I was doing a reading about a person and I got a famous rocker buried in a graveyard in France and if I were not educated about this celebrity, I would have had to stop there, but instead, I was able to produce the celebrity's name; Jim Morrison.  

Sometimes, we have not defined our categories. For me, all indigenous people were sort of lumped together in my head, so a Jew and an Inuit could be read the same. I had to research more about the looks, customs, art, and textiles of these people so that I could now say, this was a Native American person," instead of just taking a stab in the dark, "this was a Polynesian person."

Example:  I had a read one time on a young man that I didn't know. He handed me a necklace and I told him of having a brother and they were 10 months apart. His brother was a blow-off, troublemaker, and lived very far away. I also mentioned his brother needed him. I assumed (interpretation) that because this man I was reading was very responsible, he was the elder. As it turned out, his brother was in the drug trade in Hawaii, and he hadn't spoken to him in five years, but his blacksheep brother was 10 months OLDER than him. So, interpretation is a lot of times about assumptions and making connections.

Some signs you might be pushing yourself into the murky territory of gray readings; you push to try to get more information and grasp tiny glimpses and expand on them, you are afraid to say "I am drawing a blank," you talk yourself out of telling something you find, you find yourself wanting to look to or listen to the person you're reading for prompting.


Being psychic isn't a science as much as an art because as much information as you receive, you are the interpreting filter. We find and retrieve information in psychic reads much like how we learned subjects for tests in school. For me, it was spatial. I stored info in odd places, so if I were to look up at the right corner of the chalkboard, I could retrieve and read information that was once written there, or if I cross my legs, I would suddenly recall that when I crossed my legs before, we were learning about this particular subject. For some, it could be photographic, others auditory, and others physical. Once you realize how you store and retrieve information you have learned, you will be better using that route for readings.

Be aware that you can allow information from this other realm, as I like to refer to it, but you cannot push into that realm. It's similar to this - we are 3-dimensional beings, but we can walk over to a photo and put our finger on it. That 2-dimensional image cannot come across the room and interact with us. It lacks our dimension, so it must wait for us to intersect. Allow it to come toward you, do not press back.

Good luck and please report back on your efforts to develop fledgling skills.  Enjoy!

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