Friday, July 31, 2015

Missing in Alaska Review and Tonight's Show

Last week was the premiere of The History Channel's "Missing in Alaska" show. 

I wasn't sure what to expect, but The History Channel consistently puts on truly amazing shows. This show's editing and presentation reminded me a lot of my old favorite, "UFO Hunters." It mixes information, science, three investigators, and the vast expanse of Alaska and it's odd missing incidents that are off the charts statistically compared to other places. 

In last week's episode, they studied the vortex concept. The investigators went into the field, by helicopter, talked to witnesses and experts. It was good watching. I know it's good watching because it's hard to keep me riveted to a show the entire hour and this one sucked me right in.

I love that they even covered UFOs and parallel universes. I am always pleased when a show has the balls to take in all possibilities and looking for correlations. 

I suggest you give this show a look-see and I suspect you are going to be hooked. All us para geeks tend to ask questions about odd things going on and we want to explore all the possible explanations. This show does it and with a healthy dose of skepticism and intelligence. 

The History Channel - thank you, once again, for another intelligent show like "Ancient Aliens," "Hangar 1," "The Curse of Oak Island" and please bring back "Search for the Lost Giants" and I will forever be your devoted fan!

Tonight's episode is the Hairy Man! 

One of the stars of the show, Ken Gerhard, has some great books you need to check out.

Encounters With Flying Humanoids 
Ken Gerhard's books on Amazon 

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