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If You Like (This) Movie - You'll Like (These)

It's not easy to find similar feeling horror movies just out of the blue, but it helps when someone guides you to ones you maybe didn't know about that have that same "tone," "theme," or "feel."

If you liked the `group of people fighting something in an isolated location' theme such as "Night of the Living Dead," you might like...

"Food of the Gods." This 1970s flick has people trapped and fighting against mutant giant rats in a country home.

"The Descent."  A group of women go spelunking and get trapped with some kind of humanoid beings chasing them and turning against each other.

"The Happening." Nature has it in for citizens and a group of friends gather together to escape, only to find few places to hide.

"The House of Evil." (Richard Crenna) A psychiatrist wants to open a new clinic in a big old scary house with an evil history. Soon, the clean-up crew of friends is trapped.

"The Evil Dead." This demon flick has couples in a cabin fighting evil elements attacking them.

"Night of the Scarecrow." A town comes under the angry wrath of an evil spirit turned scarecrow who wants revenge. 

"Deathwatch." Soldiers in WWI find a bunker that was used by the enemy. They take it over only to find something evil lurking within.

"Day of the Animals." Hikers in the high country find out too late that the damaged ozone layer is making animals crazy and and angry.

"Maximum Overdrive." A group of diners hunkers down in the restaurant when machines start to take revenge on citizens.

If you liked the `teenage-hating vengeful killer' theme of "Halloween," you might like...

"Terror Train." Kids take a train ride set up as a traveling party, only to find out that there is someone on board who doesn't like this popular crowd.

"Bad Ronald." An unbalanced teen kills a kid and then his mother decides to hide him in a secret room to protect him from arrest, only she does and new people move in. 

"Prom Night."  It's prom night for the popular crowd, but they might have forgotten someone from the past who has it in for them.

"Final Terror."  A group of young adults go into the woods to help do forest service work, but there's some one in the woods who has it in for them.

"The Initiation." A night hiding out at the mall on a dare turns into something dark and sinister.

"Nightmare." This 1981 movie has a man having nightmares and feeling compelled to kill. 

If you liked the `man versus monster' theme of "Godzilla," you might like ...

"Kaw." A town is attacked by angry crows. 

"Gargoyles."  An anthropologist and his daughter head into the desert only to encounter gargoyles emerging from their stasis. 

"Them!" A desert is ravaged by giant ants and it's up to the military and the police to find a way to stop them.

"Brotherhood of the Wolf."  A beautifully filmed and lush werewolf tale from France. 

"Prophecy." Mercury in the water creates awful mutants. A doctor and his wife, along with some Native People must fight and find the truth of their origins. 

"Trollhunter." A group of college journalists in Norway follow a man hired by the government to control the troll population.

If you liked the `semi-lucid dark evil' theme of "Phantasm," you might like...

"Army of Darkness." A man falls into the Middle Ages from modern times and must fight the undead to get the necronomicon and return home. 

"Curse of the Demon." A parapsychologist goes to London to expose a devil cult leader only to perhaps become cursed by him.

"House of Wax."  Teens go into a town for help only to find the town looks kind of odd and has a wax museum with figures that are all too real looking.

"In Dreams." A woman starts having nightmares and is pulled into a killer's lair. 

"Tourist Trap."  After breaking down on the road, some young adults head to the closed down tourist trap to find lots of unsettling mannequins and a quirky keeper. 

"Cemetery Man." This cult favorite has a quirky cemetery, a quirky cemetery keeper, and zombies coming to life. 

If you liked `haunting and losing one's sanity' theme of "The Haunting," you might like...

"Let's Scare Jessica To Death." A woman just out of a mental hospital, moves into a country home that might be haunted and worries she might be losing her mind again.

"The Awakening." In the 1920s, a skeptical woman goes around debunking spiritualists and their crazy craft, only to find herself at a boy's school, called into ghost hunt and finding something sinister.

"The Uninvited."  A brother and sister move into a cliffside home that might be haunted by a previous resident.

"The Old Dark House." Some people stumble upon an isolated country home seeking shelter, but it may be less safe inside.

"The Legend of Hell House." A team investigates a haunted home only to find they are acting strange and being affected. 

If you liked the `urban legend' feel of "Final Destination," you might like...

"Darkness Falls." Is the tooth fairy evil? One young man encounters her on a dark night in his room and is never the same. She only comes out at night....

"Disturbia." A teen is locked into his home for the summer under house arrest and becomes obsessed with what a neighbor is up to.

"It." A group of kids growing up together fought off an evil, only to come back as adults and have to fight it again.

"My Bloody Valentine."  A local folktale about a killer on Valentine's Day comes true. 

"Jeepers Creepers."  Did something kill a couple of prom kids decades ago? Did he return again to get some more parts? 

"Campfire Tales." A series of stories played out about popular urban legends with a modern twist and lots of terror.

"Trick R Treat." A grouping of Halloween-night based stories with a definite urban legend feel to them.

"The Fear." 
A college psychology major brings his friends to his childhood cabin to work on a study of their fears only to have to face his greatest fear from his past. 

If you enjoyed the '80s slasher genre' like in "Friday the 13th," you might like....

"He Knows You're Alone" About a bride being stalked before her wedding. Surprisingly, Tom Hanks is in the movie.

"Hell Night" Linda Blair stars in this 80s slasher about some college kids forced to stay in a murder-scene mansion for the whole night to make it into the sorority/fraternity. 

"The House on Sorority Row" Party goers at a sorority party are killed one by one.

"The Burning" A crazed maniac kills campers in the woods.

"My Blood Valentine" A small town is going to have its first Valentine's dance since a man went on a crazed killing 20 years ago. Is history repeating itself? 

If you liked the `chased and tormented on a road trip' theme of "Duel," then you may like....

"Joy Ride" Two brothers crossing country by car, play a trick on the CB radio and become the victims of an angry truck driver.

"The Hitcher" A young man hired to drive a car across country makes the mistake of picking up a hitchhiker.

"Race With the Devil" Two couples go RV vacationing and witness something they shouldn't and chase ensues.

"The Hills Have Eyes" A family's RV breaks down in the desert and they are vulnerable to a feral gang of freaks.

"Wrong Turn" A couple cars crash on a lonely West Virginia road and some local inbreds set out to kill them.

"Breakdown" Kurt Russell stars in this tense drama about a couple on a road trip when the wife gets kidnapped and the husband must try to save her.

If you liked the 'torture and pain' theme of "Saw," you might also like....

"Wolf Creek" Stranded backpackers in Australia are stalked and tortured by a maniac.

"Hostel" Three backpackers in Europe go looking for pleasure and find pain. 

"Scar" A woman goes back to her hometown and believes she is being tormented by a man she thought she killed years ago. 

"The Human Centipede" A mad scientist kidnaps 3 people and performs and experiment to stitch their mouths to each other's anus.

"I Spit On Your Grave" A woman, raped and tortured by a gang of guys, goes in for hardcore revenge.

If you liked the '1970s made-for-tv' genre like "Salem's Lot," you might also like....

"Gargoyles" Stan Winston did a fine job on this film, making some pretty badass Gargoyles in this movie about a father and daughter chasing anthropological mysteries in the desert only to be stalked by gargoyles.

"Crowhaven Farm" Hope Lange starred in this gem about a woman who inherits a family farm with a dark history of dark witchcraft. 

"Satan's School For Girls" This has some stars in it that will amaze you, like a couple of the Charlie's Angels and popular horror gal, Pamela Franklin. When a girl's school has a mysterious death, the woman's sister goes undercover to find out what happened. 

"Shattered Silence" (aka "When Michael Calls") Michael Douglas stars in this lesser known thriller about a woman who is being tormented on the phone by a long-dead nephew.

"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" Kim Darby starred in this creeper about a woman who moves into a home that is infested with some kind of tiny demons.

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