Why is the Earth Making Horrifying Sounds?


Strange sounds have been heard coming from the earth or the air ??? for as long as man can recall, but it seems that recently with our ability to record easily with cell phones, people are capturing more sounds and some can curl your hair as if the earth has skidded to a halt with a heavy load. Just give the one above a listen.

Some call it trumpets, others call it booms, but they seem to be happening more frequently or perhaps it's just man's ability to get online and share recordings immediately.


Is this Earth core slippage as supposed on this video below - 

Or are the trumpets heralding the end of times? 

British Columbia

Might this be some sort of rub or shift between dimensions? 

North Carolina

Are we dealing with something in regards to polar shifts? 

Tectonic plates rubbing? Well, we have had a lot of earthquakes lately....

There have been a lot of explanations about it including high pressure gas escaping from the earth (earth farts???) 

So, what do you think it is?