Saturday, June 27, 2015

Top 5 Destination Truth Episodes Ever!

"Destination Truth" with Josh Gates was perhaps an all-time favorite along the lines of "In Search" of adoration for unexplained-loving audiences. I'm sharing my top 5 favorite episodes. 

"Ghosts of Antarctica" Episode 13, Season 4. This was my favorite and I think it was a combination of things. It was filmed to feel a lot like the movie "The Thing" and was one location for an entire episode which I really appreciate to get into the mood, it's a place rarely filmed, and surely haunted. It was unsettling, creepy, and just plain amazingly beautiful and isolated.

After traveling from Los Angeles all the way south to Argentina (and surviving Ryder's taunts about his new beard), Josh packs the team into a van and drives 200 kilometers south, to the departure point for most Antarctic expeditions. But first, they must buy suitable attire so they can withstand the freezing temperatures to come.

After stocking up on sub-zero clothing, the team conducts their first interview with a local historian. Even though the historian warns Josh that the area he's headed to is, "not a friendly place," he presses on, hiring a 54 foot sailboat to ferry the team over to Antarctica. Course, Murphy's Law rears its head and a blown transmission keeps Team Truth stuck at the pier for five whole days. Josh soon discovers that the treacherous Drake Passage is no picnic either. From icebergs to violent waves, the trip is far from Josh's easiest one.

After arriving at Antarctica, which is larger than the United States, they conduct their next few interviews with a group of visiting Russian scientists. Next stop?  Deception Island, an active volcano not too far away. Since the sun doesn't set this time of year, they set up base camp under the sun, a new experience for the team.

The "night" investigation yields a glimpse of something on an infrared camera, a strange light, a massive bone, and some unmarked graves, among other oddities. Later, Josh and Ryder get a fright when they hear thumping sounds. The next day, Josh moves on to the next area for supernatural study, Wordie Hut, which is still several days away. Once they get into the vicinity, the team stops by a local watering hole where Ryder and Josh make an interesting contribution to the bar's ambiance. Afterwards, it's time to set up base camp. After hearing more strange noises, Josh sets up multiple paranormal isolation sessions that yield some very interesting results.  

 "Island of the Dolls/Lusca" Episode 2, Season 3. Josh and his team head to just south of Mexico City to an island of reportedly haunted dolls. Then they journey to the Caribbean island of the Bahamas, looking for the Lusca monster, a giant octopus said to live beneath Andros Island.  

"Haunted Forest/Alux" Episode 1, Season 3. Josh travels to Transylvania to investigate claims of mysterious occurrences coming from the Hoia-Baciu Forest. Next up, a trip to Mexico looking for a pygmy monster.

"Haunted Forest/Aswang" Episode 11. Season 2. Josh and his team search for Bigfoot-like creatures with mystical powers near a haunted Filipino church and the haunted Aokigahara forest in the shadow of Mount Fuji where campers have often committed suicide.

"Mining Towns" Episode 13, Season 3. First, Josh and the team travel to the Atacama Desert of Chile, where they investigate a two towns reputed to be haunted with the assistance of Allison Scagliotti of Warehouse 13. Then, Josh and Team Truth fly to New Zealand in search of the Taniwha, a sea serpent out of Maori legend.

Runners up: Chernobyl, Yeti, Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island, King Tut's Tomb, Chilean mine alien.

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