The Top 5 Ghost Hunting Apps

Today's post is by guest author and researcher, Jared Hill.

Ghost hunting in the 21st century is much easier and more rewarding than it used to be, thanks to smartphones. For today's paranormal investigators, there are a number of helpful tools that can be used for more in-depth explorations of the spirit world. Smartphone apps are gaining popularity with investigators because of their convenience and efficiency.

Take a look at the top five ghost hunting apps now available:

Ghost Radar Classic
Using advanced analytics to sense otherworldly activity, this app measures electromagnetic fields, sounds, and vibrations—like many ghost hunting tools do. What sets Ghost Radar Classic apart from the others is that the app interprets and analyzes data, only giving indications when something out of the ordinary is detected. While no app is foolproof when it comes to ghost hunting, this one comes pretty close.

Ghost Detect Pro
This iPhone app is ideal for both amateur and professional ghost hunters. Color-changing graphs alert you to numerous environmental changes, while a radar tracking device notifies you of any irregularities. This app also comes with EVP recording capabilities which takes photos and detects anomalies in them. What's more, Ghost Detect Pro comes with a state-of-the-art EMF detector, making it a good multipurpose tool for any paranormal investigator.

Ghost Communicator
Ghost Communicator is said to be intended for entertainment use only. However, ghost hunters may find it useful in the field. According to the creator, advanced algorithms were used to create outgoing signals to communicate with ghosts. In turn, the app is capable of receiving any incoming messages from the paranormal as well. It is simple to use, featuring a radar detector and commands that can be accessed with a swipe of the finger. Although reviews are mixed when it comes to whether or not this app actually works, the best way to find out is to test it for yourself!

iEMF detects anomalies in the electromagnetic field, working like an amped-up version of a home security system. With a variety of display options from which to choose, this handy app should be in every paranormal investigator's toolkit. The Low Pass filter helps sensor out unwanted noise from readings, while the Ambient Mode feature allows you to bypass Earth's ambient field. The device can be zeroed out to monitor and record changes to the atmosphere. Learning to use all the settings and features may come with a bit of a learning curve but with a little practice you'll find it simple enough to use.

Ghost Hunter M2
This app includes an EMF detector, EVP recorder, Sensor Sweep instrument, Geoscope instrument, and more. Designed by engineers, Ghost Hunter M2 is a favorite of new and experienced paranormal investigators because it's easy to use, yet offers all the sophisticated tools ghost hunters need to perform an in-depth paranormal investigation. Like the other apps on this list, Ghost Hunter M2 gives you advanced ghost-hunting tools that fit in your pocket—making the need for clunky, heavy equipment a thing of the past.

And, if that isn't enough, they found a way to create a FLIR (thermal imager) for your phone!


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