Thursday, June 25, 2015

Strangest Events Around America for Geeks and Freaks!

You're a para geek, not like the "normal people." You want to head out to some interesting events, perhaps even set up a year-round game plan for where to go and went to chase the "weird stuff." 

I got your tour plotted out - 

New Mexico

There is something terribly primitive about this event. In fact, it is in the TOP of my list of must-do events!  This year, the event will be held September 4th in Santa Fe. The event includes everything you can imagine from a huge art festival, foods, culminating in the burning of the effigy. 

Amid fireworks and the ceremonial dances of ghosts and fire a growling Zozobra is set ablaze and it is said as the fire consumes the beast so go the feelings of gloom and doom from the past year. The flames renewing the hope and optimism of the gathered celebrants. The ever increasing desperation of the howling Zozobra can be heard echoing throughout Santa Fe.

Black Rock Desert, Nevada

The Burning Man Event is hardcore and a happening that nothing in your entire life would compare to. This year, it's being held August 30th to Sept 7th. The art theme this year is Carnival of Mirrors. There are themed camps and so much more involved in this over-the-top-once-in-a-lifetime event. This is one themed one I really really woud love to go to! 

Austin, TX

August 22nd if you're near Austin, consider Batfest! Over 1 million bats fly out from under the bridge and the sky turns black. 

St. Charles, IL

October 9th to 11th, you can have a weekend of carnival rides, Halloween fun, and more scarecrows than thought possible. This event looks like a scarecrow-lover's dream. I know I'm a freak for scarecrows!! 

Prairie du Sac, WI

Whatcha doin' on September 4th and 5th? How about heading to Wisconsin to say that you tossed a cow chip in a contest? Two hundred and forty eight feet is the record. Come on, you know you want to put this one in your scrap book! Spend some time in the cooler north, eat lots of good cheese, and see how your throwing arm does. This contest sounds like one of those "you really did that?" events! 

Charleston, SC

The weekend of August 10th might be the time to go to Charleston, SC. Adults and kids alike love pirates and costume contests! Lots of famous pirates will be showing up (costumed actors), costume contests will be held, theatrical events, vendor tables and more! Get your ARRRcGGGHHH on! 

Wayne, NE

Do you like chickens? July 10th to 12th in Nebraska, you can go to the Wayne Chicken Show. It's all things chicken! It includes a flea market, wine tasting, ice cream, lots of booths, chicken runs, chicken parade, and BBQ, of course! 

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