Monday, June 22, 2015

Spiritual Visitors To the Dying

Hospice workers know about it, family members and health care workers have witnessed it; the visitations to the dying by those who already passed before.

Death bed visits are common. Very common. The dying sees or speaks to someone who is not there in the room, someone who has long since passed on. The expression on the dying person's face can be rapturous, euphoric, puzzled, and pleased.

When my father had a heart attack in 1979, he was proclaimed dead by the paramedics for four minutes. During that time, he witnessed his dead parents, aunts, uncles, cousins from Norway he hadn't seen since he was a child. He was relaxed, happy, and smiling as they took him to the hospital. He truly visited them and every fiber of his being showed it. Days later he did die, and I have no doubt at all he went to his relatives, but before he did, he visited me at the time of his death. That kind of visitation is called "after-death visitation." 

The dying often report people of light, glowing and loving beings, loved ones they recognize, and the rapture in their expressions shows the loving connection actively being made. 

There is perhaps a shift in our perspective from that of a 3-dimensional, physical and mortal being to the spiritual aspect of what we call the "soul" in which we are able to perceive that which we could not when we were physically-focused. 

In meditation and in psychic medium reads, such connections can open up and that is the rhythm of the brain waves that allows for an altering of perception to include "other vibrational" beings. This is a simplified way of explaining a context we do not perceive with the brain function with work with every day. The interesting thing is that, these beings are always accessible, but only under the right conditions do we perceive them. One of those conditions is the shift from physical to spirit upon dying. 

It is also common for the dying to go in and out of reality, visiting other places, other realms, other people who are not on this living plane. They may have stories to tell. When my brother was dying, he closed his eyes for a moment, listening to some music in his headphones. I watched him as he closed his eyes for only a few seconds, and when he opened them he smiled. He told me that he was flying over our childhood home and described some unusual changes in the property. He also said he was with our cousin, Matthew, who had died years earlier. He was quite happy about this and at the time I dismissed it as encephalopathy related to his condition. But, then I found out our childhood home did have those changes in the property. To top it off, my entire family had a pact that we would haunt our childhood estate, so him going there seemed to make perfect sense.

Sometimes, we misjudge the condition someone is in. When my mother was dying, she had lapsed into a coma. I arrived a day later in the middle of the night. I came into the room where her bed was set up, as she wanted to die in her own home, the same home her mother had died in. My siblings were all around her and as I came up to the bed, I said, "Hello, Moo!" (a name I always called her). My mother sat up, moaned, and wrapped her arms around me. Everyone gasped. She had been still and unresponsive for over 24 hours. Once I hugged her and rocked her, sang a song to her, she laid back down and was unresponsive for several days. Finally, we all got together and talked about it. We had the sense mom had left herself some time ago and were ready to unplug the oxygen and let her go. She was unresponsive but lucid enough to await her last child to arrive before giving in.

Many people are visited by the recently dead. I, myself, have been visited by my father at the time of his death. There is a difference between those visits and the visits of those who come to escort you.

A friend of mine had a near-death experience. He said his grandmother was there and was inside the light. He couldn't see her, but instinctively knew it was her. She also told him, he must go back. When one is visited for escort, it is in a coaxing way and often more than just one relative. When one is visited by a deceased relative, it is usually within minutes, hours, days or weeks of the passing or in a moment of great distress. Comfort is given, but no coaxing takes place to entice you to join them.

Across the board, the dying who express contact with the dead, remark of flying, going home, reunions and the like. It is a feeling of utter bliss and contentment. We can take great comfort in knowing that the business of dying has greeters, just as the moment of birth does....

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