Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Phenomenology 107: Amazing Pennsylvania Paranormal Event

Phenomenology 107 is happening June 18th to the 21st in York, PA! 

List of guest speakers - Chris Fleming, Travis Walton, Eric Altman, Bill Bean, Bob Christopher, Chris Dedman, Steven LaChance, Keith Ramsey, Dave Juliano, Carmen Reed, Chris Nicoletti, Stacey Jones, Chris Zaffis, Katrina Weidman, Aimee Zaffis, Debra and Tony Pickman, Benny Reed and Jonathan Hodges.

This 4-day event has lots of lectures, a Monster Mash, and lots of investigations including Gettysburg, Haldeman Mansion, Union Field Hospital, Michael Crist Farm, the Daniel Lady Farm, General Reynolds Building, teen investigations, and more! (click the investigations button on the site).

I would seriously want to go to this tour - Eric Altman, Bigfoot and cryptid expert, will be taking a group into the Chickies Rock area. This mysterious forest area is where people have gone missing, been killed, and tons of strange phenomena have been reported including cryptid creatures. If you want a taste of something seriously disturbing, a mix of dark tragic history, unexplained mysteries, ancient energy, creepy creatures, and an urban legend shivers and chills thrill, this is it! 

Here's the event page on Facebook
Here's the site to buy your tickets and learn more on Phenomology

This looks like an amazing summertime Para event - go forward, my para geeks, and partake of the unexplained!

All you folks who live the East, lucky ducks! 

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