Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pan-Para Research

(Humvee mesh vest with billions of pockets for ghost investigations and Bigfooting)

Multi-paranormal disciplines: Pan-Para Research as I like to call it. 

This is my concept of not just researching what you were sent out for, i.e. a Bigfoot in the woods, but to cover all the para bases in your research to truly capture any correlations or contributors. You might be sent out to check on strange forest lights, but you need to look at what else is happening in that location to get a greater understanding of the dynamics and possible contributing factors. 

Start looking into; missing people, cattle mutilations, missing animals, murders, strange lights, seismic and geologic layout, UFOs, battle history, hauntings, ancient Native grounds, Native legends, mounds, ancient giant remains, and more. 

This documenting is so you can get a grip on the context in which something is occurring, if a land is prone to a wide array of issues. 

How you handle a single BF sighting is different than if you find there is a clan in an area where there are other strange things occurring. Then, you might have to start creating concepts that include an interdependence among the phenomena or an earth understanding that all these para things share. When you get to the commonality, you may be opening a key to the phenomena and making true research strides, or you might be able to predict areas that are "hot beds" or "portals" of weirdness. 

Once you've archived this amount of info, you now become better able to approach a site and an event/sighting with a foreknowledge that this area is known to have multiple para events and to be on the lookout for accompanying events. 

You can often times correlate Bigfoot sightings with a UFO sighting on the same night in the same area. This is likely why people believe the two might be related. The question is; is this land itself, this particular area, a magnet for intuitive creatures, unusual comings and goings and therefore they all congregate there? Or are these findings incidental, like going to a McDonalds on a night of a meteorite entering the atmosphere and thinking they might be related? These are the puzzling factors we need to consider.

We have all been very isolated in our research and my goal is to see everyone go pan-para to be truly well informed and to make gains in understanding and even predicting active areas.

This kind of research would mean a team made up of people interested in all aspects of the para realm or with expertise in certain arenas could be called upon to archive and correlate with others on the team any findings. This also gives people who may not be in good health or busy situations and can't go into the field, to be home researchers to add to the archives of understanding of an area by researching or even running the website. There is a place for everyone to contribute.

Mapping with colored dots is a good way to show what kinds of activities were found in certain areas, perhaps blue is UFO, red is ghost, green is Bigfoot... you get the idea.

Julie Ferguson and I wrote Paranormal Geeks book to help unify all the fields and show that there is no one arena of research worth more than others and that all para geeks are across the board curious. 

The longer you research your field of study, the more you realize that there is something unifying all the para happenings.

Pan-Para Research - this is the future and this is how we make faster strides in our understanding. 

After all, imagine if chemists and physicists never shared notes? 

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