Bigfoot: Cases of Missing Time in the Woods

There are those who have gone into the woods and had unusual things happen that they weren't sure whether to attribute to weird sleep, brain blip, or Bigfoot. What does happen in the woods that makes us wonder if Bigfoot has skills we don't possess? Well, read this post and you might get an insight or you might even read something that is familiar to your own experience. It's about time we start talking about this widespread occurrence.

First, let's begin this discussion with brain waves. Brain waves are so critical for our "reality" that in a moment we can go from being fully conscious as the anesthesiologist leans over our operating table to being completely and utterly unconscious and able to be operated upon. The confusion that can occur in sleep state to create sleep walking, night terror, sleep paralysis, sleep eating, and sleep talking are all side effects of brain wave staging from one state of sleep to another being out of whack. A soothing voice speaking to us can put us into hypnotics state. Meditation can change our brain waves. We can come alert because of hearing a sound in our sleep. We can also suffer horrible amnesia, unable to fall asleep. So many things can happen to shift our brain waves and our consciousness that it's a whole arena of study for neurologists and sleep specialists.

Repeatedly, in my years of research, I've heard stories that stand out as a bit odd or unusual in relation to those researching Bigfoot in the field. At first, it was just odd lights in the woods that I found intriguing and confusing. I've heard plenty of stories of people feeling "zapped" and having a sudden migraine, nausea, intense feelings of being watched and so unsettled, they rushed from the woods.  But, to add to that, there are stories of sleepwalking, amnesia, and even the inability to walk. Now, these stories interest me greatly and I believe we need to open a conversation. I am not talking about "magical powers," but about the ability to affect brain waves by something as simple as harmonics, resonance, sound waves....

Source:  First, infrasound frequencies have been proven to exert physical influences upon the body, and also resonate the body (which they already do naturally). Under proper conditions and using the correct equipment and setup, (full sound scale speakers, including infrasound) in an enclosed, hall type setting or room, infrasound frequencies can be directed to affect humans physiologically, and will affect / direct brainwave activity and brainwave states, physical / bodily functions, and produce various physical and sensory response. 

Our pineal gland is a gland about the size of a grain of rice and shaped like a walnut, hidden deep in the brain back behind the eyes - "third eye." It floats in cerebrospinal fluid and is sensitive to light so that it is able to signal release of melatonin for falling into sleep state. This interesting gland has been attributed with the third eye for psychics, giving us our "extra sense." As it floats in cerebrospinal fluid, any vibration caused by infrasound could shake this gland into a state of confusion, perhaps releasing sleep hormones or sleep stage hormone interruption, which could include everything from sleep walking to amnesia. 

My own incidence of this disruption, I was completely unprepared for. I had not heard of this happening to others until I poked around a bit and found other anecdotal descriptions of the same thing. 

I was up on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona with a fellow researcher. We were hiking into some hot spots where Bigfoot were seen numerous times. We got to a place where we stopped to take a break. The other researcher hiked around the area looking for any clues while I opened myself up to do a bit of psychic tracking. 

I stopped, expanded my consciousness (no better way to describe it for someone spatially psychic to reach in all directions and be aware of energies and intelligence in the area. I had honed in on two such energies, one to my left and perhaps 100 yards away and another slightly to my right and about 50 yards away. I felt an intense focus on me from the one that was closer. 

I looked in that direction, wished to go through the woods towards it and fully intended to, but I was frozen in place. My legs were not moving, in fact, I seemed to have forgotten I had free will to walk by myself. My mind was rushing towards this energy, as was my will, but I seemed to have no mind-to-leg connection. 

In this frustrating stance, I was aware of the other researcher coming up behind me and talking, somehow breaking the "spell." 

Now, I am not in the least a coward or shy. In fact, if I want to know about something, I rush right to it. Even though I fully intended to go to this energy and see how close I could get, for some reason, I had forgotten I had legs. In fact, I had no idea how much time had gone by. And, on the way home, I vomited the whole time and was going in and out of consciousness. It took an hour to get my senses back and feel normal again.

Walking Into a Tree

BFRO member, Karl Sup, realized Bigfoot is more than just a mysterious hidden being, but could possibly mess with one's mind....

Here is his report in his words - 

At the end of a night BFRO investigation as I was pulling into the campsite, someone knocked on the tree closest to the fire. By the time we unloaded, everyone was sitting around the campfire. I cautioned everyone that calls or knocks from camp would likely bring them in, and when they got here they typically would throw rocks or sticks. Some of the investigators showed concern, so I decided to retrieve the thermal from my SUV, and the BFRO Lead Investigator went to retrieve their thermal as well. The two of us stood up from the campfire and walked in opposite directions to where our vehicles were parked.

I remember standing up and taking several steps from the campfire, and I vaguely remember walking several steps. The next thing I remember, I am standing and staring at bushes in front of me where I assumed the SUV would be. I had a gap of missing time while I had walked in the wrong direction. 

Comparing notes later with the BFRO lead, she had experienced the exact same phenomenon as I had. She 'woke up' staring at bushes a distance from their van and was confused how she had walked in the wrong direction. 

Another attendee that remained at the campfire had a similar experience at the exact time while simply sitting and staring at the fire. He suddenly 'woke up' and had an immediate reaction of feeling disorientation. He had confusion of where he was and what he was doing. 

All three of us were at least 60-70 feet apart when this occurred.

I looked to my left and I could see the taillights of my SUV reflecting dimly from the fire light. I dug in the back, retrieved the thermal and started walking back toward the fire. A deafening KNOCK rang out from a tree just north of the campsite. Then the night got very interesting...

The Wandering Hiker

Several years ago, when I was first earnestly entering the field of Bigfoot research, I was contacted by a man who had a story to tell. He went on a hiking trip with some buddies from college. They went every few years on a hike to relive their youth. This time, they chose a location in Southern Oregon. 

They hiked in about 10 miles and settled in for the night to sleep out in the open in their sleeping bags. The fire had burned out. They lay there looking at the sparse clouds above the trees, talking about their home lives and what they were up to at work. They started reminiscing about the past and laughing hard over some of their youthful antics. Then, they all turned over and fell asleep. 

Everyone seemed asleep to "Lloyd" (using a pseudonym) who remained lying on his back, thinking about how good it felt to be outdoors again. He sat up, pulled back his sleeping bag, got up and started to walk across their little clearing circle and into the woods. A limb snapped under his foot and he heard it, but he didn't feel it. He felt strangely removed as he purposefully went further and further into the blackened woods. 

It wasn't until he heard the wind pick up the tree tops and cause them to slap about, that he stopped and looked around. He had no idea what he was going into the woods for. Looking back, he couldn't recall why he felt the need to sit up, climb out of his bag and walk into the forest. He just knew that he was doing it, as if someone told him to do something and he was going about a mindless routine, like emptying the garbage or walking the dog. 

When Lloyd got back to the clearing where his friends had been sleeping, they were up and out of their bags with a flashlight and talking. He wondered what was going on. They jumped when he came up on them and he asked what was up. They proceeded to tell him that when he got up and walked away, they wondered what he was up to, leaving barefoot and without a light, so they both got up, put their shoes on and went looking for him. They searched down the path for a half hour when they saw something really really tall and really dark blocking the path ahead and they ran like hell.

When Lloyd said he was only gone a few minutes, his friends reported they had been checking their watches the whole time because the clock was ticking and they worried how long it was taking to find him. In fact, they had just arrived back at their campsite and were shocked Lloyd hadn't run into the tall man-thing on the same path.

The entire incident had left them all unsettled and they gathered up their things before sunrise and left the site, back for their rented SUV. No one spoke about it again, but it had bothered Lloyd ever since, who swore he had only walked a short distance and was gone only a few minutes.

Child's Play

*This is from the prior upcoming installment of "Stalker Between the Worlds" to be posted on this Wednesday*

The Walker's 2-year-old grandson, “Bobby” was put down to sleep while family was over. The Walker went outside to get in the car and go get supplies for supper.

As he walked between the cars, he looked over to the right and “Bobby” was standing in the dark behind the SUV. He had an armload of twigs in one arm and was trying to put sticks on top of the spare tire, pushing up on his barefoot tiptoes to reach.

Bobby looked at his grandpa strangely as if to say, “what are you looking at?” 

The Walker thought he was seeing things when he rounded the car and saw his grandson standing there, it was dim lighting. He went over and it was Bobby. 

The Walker scooped him up to take him inside and the boy said, “I won’t never pick up sticks again,” as if he thought he was in trouble.

When he went to check, the window was open in the bedroom. The latch was opened from inside, the window was old and hard to open up. The boy had no scrapes from the aluminum grooves in the sill and it was a drop to the ground barefoot. The curtain had been closed at bedtime. The room was on the side of the house the window had been tampered with before. Curtain was partially dragged out as if dragged on the hook of his foot as he was pulled out. 

Days later, having calmed down and decided to try reason and not jump to the extraordinary, the Walker asked his grandson if he could go open the window. The boy tinkered for a while to figure out the odd lock mechanism, but he could not lift the window. The Walker frowned. The boy had never sleep walked and he never would have considered using the window instead of the door, as the window was not something he could manipulate, even wide awake.


What is going on? Why are we getting disoriented, sleepwalking, paralyzed, and generally chaotic in the woods? If one follows the excellent book series, "Missing 411" by David Paulides, we might come to a conclusion that there are are some odd reactions in the woods that might sometimes end in tragedy and in confusing clues, like the people missing their shoes.

How is this happening? Well, it doesn't have to be some kind of mind control, but there are many things that can happen to confuse the mind into a paralysis/sleepwalking/amnesic or dream state and all of those go back to our pineal gland and perhaps its vulnerability to infrasound frequencies vibrating the gland that floats in cerebrospinal fluid and is responsible for release of sleep time hormones and contained magnetite that helps with our internal compasses. This is an avenue I hope to pursue more fully. I do not believe in magic. Magic is technique yet unexplained. In this case, science as yet unexplained.

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