Friday, May 1, 2015

Para TV Tonight

The ideal Friday date wants to stay home with takeout Chinese, ice cold beer, and a remote control!

Tonight on The History Channel, we begin with a new episode of "Ancient Aliens" about the alien agenda at 9 pm EST

Tonight on The History Channel, enjoy a new episode of my favorite UFO show - "Hangar 1."  10 pm EST

Hangar 1 files reveal top-secret evidence that indicates the government has been operating bases on the Moon and Mars. Some of this evidence dates back to the 1950's and suggests that NASA may be behind a long existing, secret mission to establish off-planet outposts. If these bases do exist, what is their purpose and why are they being kept a secret?

Discovery Science Channel at 7 pm (reshowing at 10 pm) is one of my favs, Les Stroud, on "Survivorman: Bigfoot." On this episode, he's looking for the Tall Ones in the Smoky Mountains. 

Travel Channel has a marathon of "Mysteries at the Museum" with some freaky titles all evening. 

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