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Bermuda Triangle

You can't be a child of the 70s and not be utterly and forever fascinated with the Bermuda Triangle and its mystery.

Although the term "Bermuda Triangle" is not utilized by any military or map-making texts, it is popularly coined as an area of the western Atlantic between Puerto Rico, Miami and Bermuda that creates a triangular shaped location in the ocean of about 500,000 square miles where a great deal of ships and planes have gone missing.

One hundred ships and planes and about 1000 people have gone missing in the past 100 years in this region. Authorities claim this is not an unusual count for a well trafficked are in some tricky water conditions. 

It really caught the public's attention in a big way in 1945 when five Navy Avenger planes went missing. It was listed as pilot error, the squadron following the leader until they ran out of gas, but without recovery or more evidence, it is all a great unknown. In fact, my father had a friend in the Navy who was on one of the planes. He said that his friend was going to take his time off, but my father convinced him to visit his family for the holidays and save his time off. He regretted that advice ever since.

Putting all this mystery into perspective, insurers don't even recognize the Triangle as an issue, as the statistics do not frighten them. More likely, Cape Horn or another deadly region of the ocean would be more questionable.

There was a great deal of publicity and romance involving the Bermuda Triangle to make it a public love affair. I think one of the most significant things is the amount of aircraft that went down, which cannot be accounted for rough seas, and the most unusual cases that perplex. Let's have a look at some of those.

A 1918 cargo ship, the USS Cyclops, went missing with 300 men on board, making it perhaps the largest loss in the Triangle. It was a WWI disaster for America, as the ship went missing and they are certain it went down, but could not find it. It was taking bulk cargo from America to Brazil when it went missing. She came back with a load of manganese ore. But, the ship went missing somewhere around Barbados and left everyone wondering what had become of it. 

Cary Trantham in 1995 was flying her plane in a corner of the Bermuda Triangle when something happened that forever changed her. When she took off from the Florida Keys heading up the coast to visit her daughter, she recalled another pilot telling her of a dead space for radio silence along the coast. She did, however, have an uneventful landing and visit with her daughter, but when she went to fly back home, there was a storm on the horizon. Cary checked with the weather service. They told her to take a different path back.

When she was over Orlando, the plane began to shake wildly. Once she regained control, the sun began to set and she saw the lights of Miami. She was over the everglades when she saw a surface haze. All at once, it was like the entire plane was draped in something and she couldn't see out. Her compass was erratic, her headset was buzzing. She wasn't sure if she was level or not and could not get anyone on the radio - it was dead. Flying with no instruments or communications, she climbed and tried to see if that might help. Finally, a voice came over and helped her out and she was able to land, but not without the memories of the horrible fight to get out of the weird place she had entered.

Cary's experiences are chronicled on her site (below) and her book (below). I highly suggest reading these. 


The explanations have run the gamut from some kind of portal/vortex, alien abduction, releasing gases from the floor of the ocean, gravity fields, and more. I think we'd find that, like accidents on the highway, there are dozens of explanations for why and it may have nothing to do with that stretch of roadway in their explanation.

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