Alien Bases in Antarctica

Most people are unaware that in 1947, Admiral Byrd ran an invasion called "Highjump" in Antarctica. This involved 4000 troops from America, Australia and the UK, departing in ships from Norfolk, Virginia. The goal was a land grab and seeing how feasible it was to put bases on Antarctica, as well as testing frigid water conditions and the military's abilities.

The question is, why would Antarctica be of any importance? There is much to be said for being able to come and go as the military from an area so hard to see and get to that no one knows your business. But, might there be other things about Antarctica that makes it of importance to both Earthlings and aliens?

Byrd's maneuvers in Antarctica lasted 8 weeks and reportedly had many fatalities. Interestingly, as they left the region, they made port in Chile where Byrd did an interview. (SOURCEAdmiral Byrd revealed in a press interview that Task Force 68 had encountered a new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.” The reports supposedly leaked from Russian sources after the Soviet's collapse, hinted at the US having gone to Antarctica because of Nazi bases being set up there. This appears to be a fairly good explanation for such a large group of resources being sent to a no-battle zone in a difficult to reach location during war times. 

Below is a documentary about the supposed Nazi base in Antarctica that some say precipitated our desire to head down to Antarctica during war times. 

If I were an alien on a planet and I possessed craft that could handle extreme pressures, extreme temperatures and even resist lava's damage, I might put myself deep in an ocean, in a polar cap, or within volcanoes; all areas reportedly said to be UFO-related. 

I understand the reasoning for thinking Antarctica is an ideal place to hide your secret base and come and go without detection in a place on the planet that we humans do not like to populate. After all, there is no more vulnerable time than taking off and landing and the lower altitudes as far as being detected is concerned. 

There is talk of a recent America and China effort against the UFOs that resulted in a capture. 

Below is a 3-part documentary about the supposed battle with UFOs during WWII.

Another reports says that the Reptoids had a battle with Earth and have even manipulated our waves in our ocean to their advantage. These are extraordinary claims, but what is extraordinary when discussing aliens on Earth? If you believe they could be here, the biggest obstacle has been crossed and the rest is more easily believed.

What is up in Antarctica and would we even know if something was? That's the question. We do know that there was an official maneuver in WWII led by Admiral Byrd. Other than that, we have some amazing stories of countries having to fight battles on the icy waters of Antarctica. These may be extraordinary claims, but in some ways it seems feasible that there is something afoot down south.

This is supported by New Swabia. New Swabia is a region in Antarctica explored by Germany in 1939. It was said this was for the purpose of whaling and gathering whale oil. This bit of history had some wondering if the Nazis wanted Antarctica and what they wanted it for. Many legends were born of them going there to hide in a secret base, to be protected by the aliens and their UFOs and to even still exist there today. 

Legends, it seems begin with a seed of real events that are built upon with supposition and correlations made with hypotheses catching fire like dry kindling. What do we know of Antarctica and its supposed UFOs? Not much and, because it is so hard to monitor, it seems a most ideal hiding outpost on this planet. 

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