Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yeti Spaghetti: The Best of the Worst Yeti Movies

There are several yeti movies out there to choose from, and the vast majority are honestly horrible. In fact, I don't think I've seen a good Yeti portrayal yet. So, let's cover this lesser known genre of "Yeti Spaghetti Films;" the best of the awful offerings - 

Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon

A plane crashes in the Himalayas with a football team on board. Nope, it's not like the Andes, these guys don't end up cannibalizing each other, but I bet they wished they had. These guys come up against a Yeti that likes to spoon in caves with young women or young men - I don't think he was that gender specific. 


I actually enjoyed the 1977 all-start version of this movie, but it became something unbelievably abysmal in the 2011 rendition. People go missing in Canada and they go looking for them only to find a giant hairy beast of the woods.

Abominable Snowman

Friends on a snowy adventure run into a yeti. 

Rage of the Yeti

Treasure hunters run into monsters in the arctic.

The movies about Yeti could be better, but they'd have to really rework his look from these kinds of faces -

Casting for these movies? I think we can do better! 

Let's talk about those qualified to handle icy-hearted monsters (and, yes, Bill Clinton is qualified) - 

Yukon Cornelious

Hans the Trollhunter

Quint the shark hunter

Captain Gregg, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Indiana Jones

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