Friday, April 24, 2015

Urban Exploration: Desert Updates

Julie and I wrote the book "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" and these three locations were in the book. I did a psychic read of the past from each location and a moment in time and an individual I tapped into. We recently went to revisit them and photograph. 

Here is the abandoned motel - 

Below are shots of the abandoned trailers in the desert. I have been photographing these since 2009. It has been interesting to see it deteriorate. Now, it all obliterated, but trash litters the desert - 

The entire desert around the old trailer frames is littered. It's even more creepy because someone went through there and segregated things into piles - wood, doors, children's things, suitcases, plastic bottles.... But, why? Who?

Then, there was the burned out house in the middle of the desert. In a place that was a nowhere dirt road, we actually had two people approach us while we were photographing, both of them curious about who owned the place.

We discovered, when we spoke to locals, that the area where the burned out house and trailer park area were, are right in the middle of a path taken often by the illegal entrants to the US and they set up camp in abandoned buildings. The house had been filled with candles.

Of course, while in Gila Bend, Julie and I had to stop at our favorite spot to eat - the UFO Cafe. 

And, I had to take home this shot glass with a little alien inside. 

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