Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The New Face of the Publishing Industry

I am lucky and honored to know some amazing authors and also to have access to people who are turning publishing into the new evolution.

It is an exciting time for publishing. Some publishing companies were thwarted by writers self publishing, but for true quality work and a staff that forces an author to live to their potential, launches them out for people to access their work and be there for them in their slumps, a publisher's role cannot be replaced.

I have come across Mystic Publishers, Inc. and their associated publishing subsidiaries; (for traditional publishing) NewLink, Ink & Quill, and (for self-publishing) Vision Novels, and am pleased with their concepts of being a part of the new world order of publishing, providing multiple genres and lots of services for anyone who writes and wants to be published through their publishing companies or self-publishing.

The staff is made up of decades of combined experience and loads of talent and enthusiasm. In fact, I am so pleased with their work, that I hope to submit my SciFi horror novel, "MetaNet" to them and that says a lot! My first experience with a publishing company was horrendous and I didn't think I'd want to go that avenue again, but Mystic Publishers really changed my mind!

Mystic Publishers, Inc. is the umbrella name for a company that has lines for different genres as well as services for the self-published author who might need formatting, editing (in the traditional divisions only), or even cover work.

This is full-service publishing and the future of the industry.

Mystic Publishers, Inc (main publishing page)
Ink and Quill (general fiction, mystery, historicals, memoirs, and interesting educational material)
NewLink (science fiction, fantasy, steampunk fantasy, paranormal and horror)
Vision Novels (self publishing)

The traditional divisions of the company wants to work with new authors and the genres are right up the alley of my readers, so take note! If you want traditional publishing they have Ink & Quill and NewLink or if you want to self-publish, but don't know how to format for ebooks or design a cover for your work, Vision Novels Division will take care of you and even put a button on their site to publicize your new release.

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