Friday, April 17, 2015

Supposed Alien Corpses Found Around the World!


There have been numerous photos taken of supposed alien corpses found all around the world. Some have been debunked or explained, others are still under question. Let's have a look at just some of these supposed finds. 

Click on the captions below the pics to go to some sites that tell more about each. 

Even though this fella above was found in the Atacama Desert in Chile, it was explained by DNA as a human, but only 6 inches tall and not a fetus - he was about 6 years old!

This reminds me of an Agnes Morehead episode of "Twilight Zone." A woman in Russia says she heard a crash, went outside and in some crumpled metal she found an alien that had died. She wrapped it in plastic and put it in her freezer, because, what else do you do? Hmmmm She also kept it 2 years in the freezer before sharing that news. Reportedly, it had a spacesuit, but we don't know what happened with that.

This is a delicious story. Did the Apollo program continue on to the moon with secret missions to study some structures? Not sure how they launched off without us knowing, but ah, well. They supposedly found a cigar-shaped ship that they found a dead male but a female they named "Mona Lisa" who looked human, but with six fingers and no nostrils. She was reportedly in a state of suspended animation. This was supposedly told by an astronaut who is now 78 and living in Africa, no longer afraid to reveal the story. More on the video below.



This one made the rounds and it looked so cool and feasible until someone pointed out it was a photo from an episode of X-Files.

This one is admittedly odd, but some reports have it being born from a cow and if you look at the hoofed feet and round belly, it could be some kind of malformed calf.

Sticks and stones can kill your bones! This was supposedly clubbed to death by some boys in Panama City who came upon it. It is said to be possibly a hairless sloth.

This fella was supposedly found in Iran and measured 3 cm (2.75 inches) Supposedly had short hair, teeth that looked like an animal, 4 fingers and a thumb, and was in a position as if it had frozen. I think the most obvious explanation is a mummified defective premature human fetus. But, it is interesting to wonder. Here's some video below -

Alyosha in Russia

The story on this is very odd. Supposedly, a Russian woman who was lonely found an alien and took care of it. After she passed on, the family found its body. For years she had been telling her family a creature came to her that she adopted after the death of her child and they assumed she was delusional with grief.


These are but a handful of alien corpses making the rounds on YouTube, para websites, and social media. Some are quite convincing, even sound feasible. Others are outrageous misinterpretations or outright hoaxes. Still, it's hard to look away when you see something like this - 

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