Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Residual Haunting and Unnamed Senses

How can some ghosts be intelligent and others show no sign of recognizing you are there?

As a psychic, let me explain what it's like - everything you have done, everywhere you have been, has left a bit of you in time and space, including your contents. Events are only in the past if you look from the perspective of those of us humans trapped in what we consider a linear line of events i our mortal reality.

If I touch your watch, I read your life. If I walk through a hall you once attended, I might run into those bits of you left there and register them as chills or deja vu, sadness or a sudden image of summertime sunshine.

When I walk historic and ancient places, I sometimes visually see what was there, another time period that is not happening now, but still accessible, like an overlay.

When I lived in my childhood home, one place in the music room, I would not stand or stay in. I would walk around that spot. It held something tragic from the Civil War hospital times. I could still gauge it.

Some spirits are responsive, other times we interpret them from their residue; they are simply a person's life/identity/emotional state, visual or voice held in a place in which it can still be retrieved.

This is what people call residual.

In the right circumstances, even people not practicing their skills in psychic tuning can see it, hear it, smell it, feel it. Some call it receiving a thought "out of the blue" or "deja vu."

It's not magic, it's science not yet explained, but wow when we can learn how to tap it at will - forget the worry over cold cases for the investigations....

Where I grew up, almost all the haunting was of a residual nature. What was unusual about this place? Well, when I recently revisited the estate, the house had huge fracture lines in the walls from an earthquake. It sat atop a fresh spring, had walls in the basement rigged with rock from around the estate, much of it quartz. It was constructed in the 1700s to be protected against Native American attacks, it saw the Revolutionary War and was taken over during the Civil War by North and South at different times as a field hospital, as well, many families lived there over the centuries. There is something about components that lead to ideal spirit vessels and "recording devices." 

The question is - were things recorded to play back or does the site have components that induce the human mind and senses to finally perceive what is always there - overlapping events

There is talk among physicists that dark matter may contain a "deeper level of reality." This is an intriguing concept.  The impulse to explain dark matter and dark energy as signatures of a deeper reality, rather than a bolt-on to current theories, arises not only in string theory but also in alternatives such as loop quantum gravity and causal set theory.

Then, there is the study of quantum entanglement. This has recently been tested and found to be genuine. Two particles can be separated and even over distance, when something happens to one, it affects the other. 

What if this entanglement is involved in every place we have been, everything we have felt, everything we have done to have a residual situation in which, under the right conditions, the residual is seen, felt, heard, smelled, again. Perhaps this is why a psychometrist, like myself, can read an object and how the very makeup of that item is affected by the contact with the person in the past. 

There is discussion of electromagnetic fields in terms of ghostly activity and there are many reports of oddities before seismic activity and odd encounters during geomagnetic storms. Earth energies combined with proper geology might create both a recording and playing device or it might affect the human receiver to be receptive. The movie "The Stone Tape" was a great example explaining piezo electricity. 

In each person's pineal gland is a sort of internal compass, a bit of magnetite that helps us to get a sense of direction. We know that when there are geomagnetic storms, animals and people can act oddly to the disruption. We can have very vivid and unusual dreams, feel out of sorts, even be suicidal upon occasion. We do have a detecting device within us that lets us know when magnetic fields are altered. This is a very extra sense we have not named. We say we have five senses, but there are many other senses like this that give us more information about our environment. 

Try putting your hands, palms facing each other, in front of your chest. Try pushing the palms close, but not touching, perhaps a half inch apart. Now, run your hands in small circles clockwise and counterclockwise, keeping that distance. Do you feel a sponginess? A resistance? A heat? Yet another one of those unnamed senses.

Goosebumps. They are a human reaction that has many explanations including swelling hair follicles to make ancient man's hair stand on end and make us look bigger to enemies. I'm not certain how good an explanation that is for its existence. We don't get goosebumps when we feel threatened or angry, we do get them when we are both cold or spooked. I have long wondered if Bigfoot has hairs with sensory cells. If they do, their hairs can actually pick up information as an added sense. This might be what ancient man possessed and a remnant of that remains. Our hair could have gathered all kinds of components about our atmosphere to determine threat or not. Today, we may be left with the goosebumps and not know what they mean or why they are happening.

Do we have extra senses that let us know something is about to happen or perhaps heightened senses that allow us to view a residual haunting? I don't have a doubt about that. The question is - how do we know what tool on our body was forming this cognizance. That's where PSI research gets interesting!

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  1. Really great post - thank you. Food for thought as dark matter is one of my pet interests.