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Red-Orange Orb UFOs

We hear a lot about saucer-shaped UFOs, cigar-shaped ones, even triangular and pentagonal, but we don't talk publicly about another oddity in the sky, the red-orange lights. 

May 22, 2012, I was out in the desert between Maricopa and Mobile, Arizona with a friend. My friend builds telescopes and he brought one with him to show me what it's like to look through one.

We set up his telescope and studied the stars. My friend brought out a laser pointer and was showing me constellations. When we were done, he began disassembling the device and I watched the skies still. There were only random planes in the distance, nothing else happening in the dark sky. 

Then, around 9:30, I was looking in the direction of some distant small mountains and across the empty country roadway that had a train track running parallel with it. I saw a red-orange light shaped like a ball in the distance, then it went out and another one showed up, but much closer. Then, it went out, and other one showed up even closer. It looked to me like two lights leap-frogging each other up along the roadway, above the train track power lines that ran along them. My first thought was "are the lines sparking?" But, the lights silently came closer and closer until I moved my body a bit, poised, ready to duck if I had to. Each light orb was the same red-orange color, perfectly round, the light contained within and not glowing out and around them. 

I called to my friend, when the lights stopped. He wondered if I had misread some lights, but knowing the area, what was there (or not there, it was a lonely desert location), I knew I saw something very odd. There was no sound, the lights did not glow on anything around them, and the light seemed so organic, that I had to wonder if it was some kind of odd natural phenomena.

Then, as my friend was opened up his car to put the parts of the telescope in, I looked up and saw the lights again, further in the distance. I called out to him and he lifted his head and saw them. One light was on, then another light came on not too far from it, but then the first one went out and the second one. They seemed to be doing some kind of chase of each. To me, it felt like two separate objects lighting up, but in retrospect, it could have been the same one turning off as the main object moved and then its light came back on. 

At this point, I was excited. Now, it seemed like not a quirky set of conditions, but an actual purposeful happening. I clapped and got excited, asking it to show itself again. My friend, however, was very unsettled. He rushed to put the telescope parts into the car when it happened again. I pointed into the distance. They were there again, a bit higher in the sky, one light that seemed to split into two lights, at least it gave that impression from our viewpoint. They were there only a few seconds before they went out again, one after the other. I studied the sky and saw nothing else, no plane lights, not a thing. The sky was very dark. 

My friend went to the car, opened the driver's door and said he wanted to go. I told him we weren't going to leave his telescope and nothing had hurt us, let's just see what it does. Then, it started again. I got very excited to witness it yet again in a different location once again. They continued to be across the road and further down, below the distant outline of the mountains, but each time, they were either much more left or right or higher or lower on the horizon. After it doing this every few minutes, lasting a few seconds, it seemed to stop. All in all, it ran about a half hour.

As we drove off into the night, my friend asked. "What time is it?" I looked. "10:30." I told him. "We didn't miss any time, did we?" I felt certain we could account for our entire encounter, but I realized the episode unsettled him. I looked into the sky as we drove off, wondering if we we would see these orbs again, but we didn't. 

I can only describe them as a basketball with a florescent red-orange liquid inside that made them glow from within, not like taillights on cars that have a spray of light around them and seem rather flat. These seem globe-shaped and organically lit. They did not stay on long but when they went out, they didn't flicker in the least. They were very consistently lit.

I've seen a lot of UFOs in the Arizona desert, but this particular event was so unusual. It didn't involve a craft per se, but something that seemed rather biologic or organic. I have no way of explaining why it felt that way, but the actions of the lights and the quality of them were not like anything I had a point of reference for.

Someone else's encounter

I started researching other's encounters to look for commonalities.

Description: 6 moving lights that appeared to be glowing, as if it was a lit candle, went across the sky. They one by one disappeared as the traveled. I have never see anything like this nor can I explain what it was - it didn't seem to be a plane or helicopter, nor can I understand why they would be all together traveling. There were no motor sounds, it was completely silent.

Description: "Noticed a single redish-orange fireball rising from eastern horizon from San Diego city center," the witness stated. "At first it looked like an asteroid, but it was going up instead of down. Shortly after a second appeared from horizon following same path as the first. Then there was a third. I ran to get my wife so I wasn't the only one who saw."

Description:"First thing I noticed, it was a cloudless star-lit night," the witness stated. "This orange light was moving slowly across the sky, slowing down, then moving again. Also while we watched the light, would turn a little red. We watched for about three or four minutes, then it almost stopped and then started going straight up. We looked at each other in disbelief as it then vanished into the sky."

Description:  “I was walking back to our bungalow on the beach in Bang Saphan, Thailand with my girlfriend, after dinner, and looked up into the sky to see if it might begin to rain. As I looked up, an orange-red orb (maybe 3X the size of a night-time star – not very large), “zig-zagged” above VERY quickly and disappeared in the clouds/horizon.”

Description: “3 red-orange glowing orbs moving in sky, hovered then moved again, from Wimberly Texas area toward Seguin Texas Area, Disappeared in sky directly above where I and others stood watching!”

Description:  “We were sitting outside our beach house looking over the ocean. Initially, we saw one orange/red light that began as a glow and got brighter until fading to dim, and then disappearing completely. It was a circular/sphere shape.”
“I saw the same thing in Athens, Texas at approximately 11:40 pm on 12/31/2011. There was a very large red/orange orb that traveled from approximately North/Northwest to South/Southeast. It had no flashing lights on it and no tail. It addition, another light followed it and then seemed to be traveling straight up.”

Being a bit of a dork on these matters, I thought I'd try to retroengineer this phenomena by looking at what chemicals recreate red-orange lights. The longer wavelengths for that color light appear to be 600-700 nanometers and the chemicals utilized by fireworks for that color are strontium salts or lithium carbonate for red and calcium chloride for orange. 

If you mix lithium and calcium you get calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is found in limestone, marble, chalk and travertine. Seashells are major source of calcium carbonate. Curious what happens if your burn calcium carbonate, I found out this - Burning is usually understood to mean an oxidation reaction that releases energy. Calcium carbonate is already fully oxidized, so it will never burn. When heated to 840 degrees Celsius, calcium carbonate dissociates to form calcium oxide (quicklime) and carbon dioxide. This reaction absorbs energy.

Now it gets more interesting - if you mix strontium and calcium you get phosphorescence!  This is used for luminescent paints. You can mix sulphur and oyster shells at high heat in a container and get this glowing light reaction.

That intrigued me because of the high incidence of reports of USOs or UFOs that appear and disappear into the ocean. Sulphur is found near hot springs and volcanic areas/volcanic vents. The incidence of UFOs reported near volcanic areas is high not to mention the amount of volcanic vents in the ocean! Are they utilizing our simple earth elements in ways that create energy or reactions that they need to traverse the seas and skies?

Should we be holding up UFO witness report maps up against maps of oceans/volcanic areas/limestone areas?

UFO's and volcanoes -

I recently wrote about UFOs and severe storms. Now, it's entirely possible that people are seeing debris caught in storms or spewed from volcanoes as UFOs, but that doesn't answer all these incidents. A large volcano in California, Mt. Shasta, has long been associated with UFOs, aliens, and hidden worlds. Where there are legends that are repeated, there is some historic validity within. 

If we look at where UFOs are seen, we might begin to understand what they need, what they want. If you were driving on a long road trip in your car, where you stop off might say a lot about your priorities. If we photograph and see you at gas stations off the main freeway, we can guess you might be looking for fuel. If gas stations are only found along roadways, we can assume you must traverse the roadways to get what you want.

UFO's beneath the water's surface - could easily utilize volcanic vents for sulphur and calcium carbonate seashell debris from the floor of the ocean if those were necessary fuels for travel, giving the very chemical reaction away every time you see the glowing balls of red-orange lights.

Adding to the mystery, the encounters I have had with alien greys, as much as I'm uncomfortable talking about it, included them leaving in a red-orange light that seemed to be somehow biological and not from the outside. They were not beamed up onto a ship as we would imagine, but it did seem to take some of their concentration and focus to make this sort of "fusion" happen. The light was dense and then sort of speckled as if the very atoms that make them up were moving at a low frequency. It was hard to describe but the core of the light came from the chest area and spread up and down and out. It was clearly this same red-orange color. If much of what they do has to do with this process, then perhaps we can assume that within their own bodies they possess sulphur and calcium? Just a thought, but yet another part of the puzzle to work on. 

Source:  Bioluminescence is not a rare phenomenon in marine life. Nature has its own way of putting up a magnificent show of light where sunlight cannot penetrate. The depths of the oceans are home to a variety of bioluminescent species of fish, bacteria, fungi and plants. Bioluminescent creatures on land such as fireflies, glow worms and fungi, in comparison, are a rare occurrence.

As vague as bioluminescence in humans may sound, recent scientific research has successfully proven that the human body emits very low intensity light which is invisible to the naked eye. Japanese scientists Daisuke Kikuchi and Masaki Kobayashi from the Tohoku Institute of Technology are the minds behind the proof of bioluminescence in humans.

With the aid of a highly sensitive imaging CCD (charge-coupled device) camera, these researchers were able to capture the very first images of human bioluminescence. It is no secret to science that living organisms are capable of producing negligible amounts of light resulting from cellular chemical reactions; however, capturing this low intensity bioluminescent light from humans was considered as an impossible feat. Nevertheless, this recent achievement comes as a breakthrough in the field of biology.

Dr. Gary Schwartz has also conducted experiments where he detected and recorded biophotons from plants and humands.

Experimenting Bioluminescence In Humans

Researchers Daisuke Kikuchi and Masaki Kobayashi used a very sensitive CCD camera to observed the upper bodies of the volunteers over a period of days.

The startling observations made during the process of this experiment include:

1. The human body emits light which is invisible to the naked eye; this light is precisely a 1000 times weaker than the human eye can perceive.
2. The human body emits light rhythmically and directly.
3. The light emitted by the human body is at its highest intensity late in the afternoon and it is at its lowest intensity late at night.
4. The forehead, cheeks and neck are the areas of the human body from which light of the brightest intensity is emitted as compared to other body parts.
5. It was also noted that the brightest areas noticed upon thermal imaging of the human body did not correspond with the brightest areas on these images of human bioluminescence.

Just as bioluminescence occurs due to chemical metabolic reactions in other known bioluminescent creatures, bioluminescence occurs in humans due to metabolic reactions as well. When cells of the human body respire, they produce highly reactive free radicals. These free radicals interact with free floating protein and lipids. This reaction can, at times, lead to further interaction with fluorophores in the human body, which leads to the emission of light.

Since human bioluminescence occurs at such a low intensity, it is very unlikely that this feature will serve any evolutionary purpose. Probably upon further research and study of this phenomenon, the practical applications of human bioluminescence may develop.

We emit light like other bio-luminescent life forms on earth, but we simply haven't the eyesight range to be able to view it. 

We might call this "auras" but if living organisms can utilize chemicals within to create a light from within, how might that be applied in the process of metabolic change to shift frequencies and thus shift universes? It's a thought and also a sign of potential science behind the utilization of natural earth elements to do many things that ancient man seemed to understand forgotten and that aliens might utilize today - here on our own planet. 

I can take this even further and state that perhaps the use of a charge-coupled device camera might be ideal for looking for "other worldly" types from ghosts to Bigfoot, UFOs and more. In fact, Bigfoot might even possess eyes capable of seeing our light and evaluating our worth.

Doppler Effect proves that light changes color as it comes towards us and as it moves away from us near the speed of light. Coming towards us, it can be greenish, but going away from us, it turns a reddish color. This might be yet another clue into what we are seeing and if it is coming or going.


I say it often and it's true: There is no magic, only science yet unexplained. So, in the case of these lights, I say we look at what could create such a light, where those goods might be, like the man in the car being noted at gas stations might need gasoline which can be used as a fuel to propel his vehicle. We certainly don't see great mining underway by any "alien" influences, so what might they use of natural earth sciences that are making their job easy and cheap? In other words, the mechanisms our governments, oil companies, and electric companies do not want us to learn and develop? 

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