Friday, April 10, 2015

Pushing Back the Date of Arrival to Americas - Significantly

Monte Verde, Chile. Archaeologists in the 1970s and 1980s uncover some interesting finds. It appears that along the creek, there was a camp of almost two dozen people. It wouldn't seem too extraordinary a find, but it was 12,500 years ago, much longer than we were thought have humans on the continent. 

It got ever more interesting when upstream on the creek, they found some stone tools that were aged to (gulp) around 33,000 years ago! 

Lake Chapala Mexico was the site a most unusual skull find. The skull, it would appear, was that of a Homo erectus. The conclusion seemed so impossible, no one had a clue why this exceedingly Homo erectus-looking skull should be in the Americas. Homo erectus was believed to have gone extinct 70,000 years ago, according to the Toba Catastrophe Theory

Dr. Al Goodyear examined artifacts from the area of the Savannah River in South Carolina. The artifacts were in a sediment that dated them to 50,000 years ago! That is before the last ice age. Interestingly, all attempts I've made to find out what the final dating of these items is, has been met with no information over a decade later when they said they would be testing them. 

It gets more interesting, when you think we might push that date back 250,000 years! Now, mind you, we were told man didn't leave Africa until around 65,000, possibly 125,000 years ago! 

In the 1960s, an archaeologist, Cynthia Williams, was digging south of Puebla, Mexico. She came across tools and signs of human habitation 250,000 years old. This basically caused a conniption fit among her peers. 

Source:  It is also mentioned that there has been evidence of two primitive human skulls that were found about 100 years ago in the area and displayed in a museum in Leipzig. However they were destroyed during World War II so that statement cannot be proven anymore. 

Sadly, the Mexican government was not accepting of the carbon dating and reportedly the army came down to the site and confiscated everything!

Here are just some explanations for how man got here, perhaps as much as a quarter of a million years ago, including even the exceptional explanations. Let's put them all on the table-

Alien seeding of the continent.

Atlantis survivors.

Man could circumnavigate the globe by boat 250,000+ years ago.

There was a landmass that is no longer that made sea travel shorter (a missing continent).

There was a land bridge we no longer have.

A more advanced form of man (not Homo sapiens) brought Homo sapiens slaves to New World.

When the continents broke off millions of years ago, the common ancestor (eventually New World monkeys) was on the American continent and evolved in parallel with African/Asian versions of man. 

There's a lot of supposition, but the fact is that we have yet to find the oldest proof of man in America, but we must remain open-minded to revisions. Revisions are necessary, without them we would be reading about our flat world.

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