Sunday, April 26, 2015

Proper Psychic Conduct

I have a pretty strong opinion about proper conduct for psychics.

This is because I work my skills and I take it very seriously. I do not make a living at psychic readings, but that does not stop me from realizing the value of psychics and the cautions consumers must have. If I do a reading for a friend or acquaintance, I take it as a great responsibility. Here's my advice - 

Every wording is critical.

And you don't just info dump on people and then walk away.

You are 50% intuitive, 50% counselor.

You give info and insight and then you counsel how to absorb that info and frame it.

You don't reveal something about the person and then await a pat on the back, you let them know you see these things about them and the struggles inside, that you can point out examples that show their efficacy as a human trying to do the right thing.

Reaffirm their soul.

They should leave a reading feeling they truly saw their own soul mirrored.

I part company with many supposed psychics who use questions and baiting, reading a client's expressions to work more as a mentalist than a true psychic. I personally prefer to not see the person, not hear them, just rattle off all that I obtain without any nuance from the person that might lead me following info down a dead-end path. 

There are many ways a psychic can bait a client. Here is an example:

"You have been feeling guilty about something that you need to let go." (If this doesn't apply to 80% of the public, I don't know what does. It is a "fortune cookie" broad sweeping bait)

"You lost someone close to you recently." (pretty good assumption, as the majority of people seeking psychics either lost a job, lost a relationship or lost a loved one). 

"You said your mother died when you were young. Were you close?" (why not let the client just do the read, huh?)

"Your father sends his love and wants you to know he's very proud of you." (who doesn't want that message?)

My attitude toward paying for a psychic's services is that it can be a very soul-satisfying one when there are proper boundaries on both sides. I have long considered the role of "intuitive counsel" rather than the culturally accepted "psychic reading" role as a potential avenue I might like to explore some day, as I offer such things for friends regularly with great satisfaction. An ideal situation is a psychic who is part intuitive, part reframing, and part life coach.

Setting the boundaries with the client for future relationships is key and letting them know what to expect, that you will not make their decisions, push for information out of your ability to obtain, or speak for the dead if you are not experienced in mediumship. The expectations between psychic and client can be quite realistic and unbelievably fulfilling when coming from a place of compassion. 

One thing true psychics have in our favor is that our compassion is pretty extensive, as we know every way humans can experience this physical realm and realize none of them are right or wrong, simply personal evolution.

The reason psychics are so very sought after by people is the same reason that counselors are helpful, one feels that they are being understood and heard by a compassionate and wise person. This is an important relationship for both the client and the psychic, when it is done with ethics, a goal for independence, and enlightenment. 

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