Saturday, April 18, 2015

Paranormal Geeks Radio!

Paranormal Geeks Radio is coming back on the air to Para X Radio - one of my favorite sites! Jim Heater, the host, has had a history of some of the most fascinating and big names, news breaking, and well revered figures in the paranormal realm in everything from graveyard and ouija experts to cryptid hunters and ghost investigators, UFO experiencers, psychics, and more. You will not believe the wide variety of shows! 

Julie and I were very proud that Jim wished to use the Paranormal Geeks name from our book, Paranormal Geeks.  Jim is a talented host with a vast knowledge, a warm and open personality, and a curiosity that makes him the King of Para Geeks. 

We may all have different focuses of interest within the field, but we are curious about the others. Paranormal Geeks Radio makes it possible to get your para geek fix weekly! 

Saturdays 6 pm EST/5 pm Central/3 pm Pacific on Para X Radio

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