Saturday, April 25, 2015

Paranormal Clusters

(Me - above - getting a tour of South Mountain Park and the petroglyphs that portray supposed aliens in the same location as the "Phoenix Lights")

You get a case of a potential Bigfoot raiding an apple orchard that faces some woods. Pretty standard stuff until you get there and talk to the owner of the property. He tells a story of some strange orange lights in the sky that evening and the next day finding the trees bared when they have never had someone pilfer their orchard before. The youngest child won't go out in the backyard anymore. And, the neighbor in the farm next door has missing animals. 

What is going on? 

I advise investigators of any paranormal phenomena, from cryptids to UFOs to ghosts, to consider opening up your study horizons a bit. If you are studying a haunted cemetery, find out about any UFOs in the area, spooklights reports, cryptid sightings, and history of the area that might be rather unusual. 

Why would you care if there are spooklights in Bigfoot investigations or UFOs in ghost investigations? We cannot possibly understand the phenomena without knowing all the components, from history to geology, seismic activity to missing persons. There is much to learn about phenomena overall including when clusters of events occur or if these things occur often together. 

Say you know that there have been strange lights in an area and then Bigfoot was seen for the first time - might be a correlation or could even give you future knowledge, such as asking a witness who had a UFO sighting if they have seen signs of anything else unexplained in the area like strange screams in the woods or spooklights. 

Removing tunnel vision on investigations helps to make new knowledge and insights in the field. 

Begin with some simple searches online. Let's say for example that you are studying a Bigfoot sighting in a town called Acme, Nevada. Do searches for things like "Acme Nevada missing persons," "Acme Nevada UFO sighting," "Acme Nevada spooklights," "Acme Nevada strange lights," "Acme Nevada Bigfoot sightings," "Acme Nevada alien abduction," "Acme Nevada cattle mutilation." Then, move on to do town searches for haunted locations. You can also punch in the address of the location or the street name followed by words like "missing," "killed," "died," "witness," and see if there are published reports about things that happened there. Start looking for correlations. Check into the geology of the area, find out what is under the ground.

What if the very thing that makes it possible for a ghost to show itself or a spooklight to appear also helps fuel flying machines or draws in sensitive beings called Bigfoot? We don't know how all these factors work, but by broadening our investigations and speaking with other paranormal researchers in other fields, we will make amazing leaps in our understanding and finding correlations. 

Suggested reading - 

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