Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Father's Near-Death Experience

In 1979, my father had a massive heart attack.

He lay on the kitchen floor while the paramedics attended to him.

They called out that they had lost him.

My family huddled together in shock.

Four minutes later, they brought him back with the paddles.

As they carted dad out of the house, he put his fingers on my arm and I came up beside him.
The look on his face was completely and utter joy. Every wrinkle of stress and a hard life were smoothed like a baby's skin.

He said, "I was in a fjord. Mother and father were there, Tante Wahlborg and many others."

I knew these relatives of his from Norway were all long gone.

"There were colors that don't exist here and flowers that don't exist here."

He sighed.

I thought he was done, but then his fingers gestured and I leaned over and he told me this precious secret as if I must always recall this.

"That was the REAL world. This one is fake."

They rolled him out to the ambulance.

Three days later, when he was in the hospital, we visited and he was doing better. We came home, celebrated and all went to bed.

I woke up during the night to someone wiggling my big toe.

Father always wiggled my big toe when he came back into town after a business trip. Mom didn't want him waking me at all hours, but I worried if his plane made it. He had some close calls traveling the globe. So, he would wiggle my big toe to let me know he made it home.

I saw his dark silhouette in my room and he was wiggling my toe. I thought "wow, he must have gotten really better, he's out of the hospital already." The phone rang. I reached to pick it up, but when I looked back, he was gone.

My sister from the other room called out "We need to get to the hospital NOW!"

We rushed through roads to get to the hospital in record time and the whole way, I kept thinking, "did dad come home and forget to drive mom with him?" We had left her there to stay at his side.

We arrived at the hospital and dad was removed from all machines, the sheet tucked neatly under his arms, and a gentle smile on his face.

He had died and that is why the hospital told us to come.

Is there an afterlife?


But, it's our entitlement in the way we are designed. We all go to the other side. It is not a religious or a spiritual matter.

It is a matter of the way life works. The other side of life we have yet to examine. The other realm.
The real world.

Must read

Life Changing book - Proof of Heaven By Eben Alexander  - a neurosurgeon who doesn't have a belief system in the afterlife, has a medical emergency and a coma for nearly a week with repeated NDEs that changed everything. His extensive description of the other side is intense and interesting, and the message from the other side is life-changing

Book of accounts of near-death experiences - Life After Life by Raymond Moody

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  1. This is a very touching and fascinating story, Sharon. Makes me think, especially on Easter - thank you for sharing it.