Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mind F$#k Tuesday: Slipping Into Parallel Worlds

Quantum physics has made it okay and even sexy to talk about alternate universes, parallel worlds, other dimensional places.

In fact, we might have all at some time or other run into these other realms in the form of deja vu, premonition, glimpses of something out of place, encounters with UFOs or ghosts....

A couple years ago, I stood in the desert before a big outcropping of rocks covered in ancient petroglyphs. My friend was chatting while looking at the drawings, but my mind drifted. I felt a calling from the desert floor. I lifted my gaze to study the endless arid landscape, only to see a grouping of trees and some sort of delta-like land with water, tule reeds, and the air felt thick around me. As I studied the colors of this beautiful oasis that seemed strangely clear and oddly dimensional, my friend's voice brought me back to the place before the outcropping of rocks and as my eyes drifted to the boulder at my feet, I wondered about that watery retreat, turning and facing it again only to see desert floor, endless, flat, occasional scrub or saguaro cactus. I had a brief glimpse of a basin that once existed in that land. Many eons ago or perhaps in an alternate universe. 

Ghosts are often described as inhabitants of a parallel universe and our occasional glimpses of them are a magical set of circumstances that allow us to view that. Deja vu, Bigfoot that seem to be going missing in mid step, alien greys, cryptid creatures such as Mothman, are all often referred to as otherworldly. 

There has been some question if alien encounters have to do with slipping between universes. The very phenomena of lost time, being placed in a location one does not recognize, and the "flying ships" and odd beings could all represent another parallel world or other dimension. It almost makes more sense than the concept of physically traveling from a planet out in the vast universe.

In an interesting conversation about the subject, Michio Kaku, the highly respected physicist, suggested that eventually mankind might learn how to slip into another universe. This is intriguing to me because I have come to the personal conclusion that it's more likely the visitors from other worlds are from other parallel worlds, not other planets, also that what we call alien encounters are encounters with previous occupants of our planet who moved on.

Source:  Ong’s Hat, New Jersey was founded sometime in the 19th century by a man named Ong after he threw his hat up in the air and lost it to a tree branch. (Or maybe it slipped into another dimension. Who knows?) By the 1920s, the city had become a ghost town, but Ong’s Hat wasn’t forgotten. On the contrary, the abandoned town became the topic for one of the earliest Internet-based conspiracy theories.

During the 1970s and ’80s, a new scientific paradigm called “chaos,” which is concerned with everyday experiences such as the sound of a fan or the buzzing of a computer, began to gain popularity. Two chaos scientists named Frank and Althea Dobbs developed a theory that consciousness could be modeled as its own universe, and if one could master one’s own “mind map,” the ability to control the chaos and possibly travel to other dimensions would be achieved.

According to a long-debunked hoax pamphlet, three other chaos scientists joined the Dobbses in founding the underground Institute of Chaos Studies in Ong’s Hat, New Jersey. It was here that they discovered the “gate” to alternate dimensions by putting scientists in a modified sensory deprivation chamber called “the egg.” Allegedly, they succeeded and mastered the science of interdimensional travel. On their explorations, they discovered a world that never developed human life but sustained plant life and water, which is where the chaos scientists were said to reside ever since.

It's entirely possible that some amazing insights and innovations, ancient technology, prophetic visions, and more could be attributed to glimpses between the worlds.  Besides, how do we know that dreams are not a nighttime spent walking in the other realms? 


Are NDEs (near-death experiences), visitation by cryptids, ghostly encounters, deja vu, and premonitions signs of slipping between parallel worlds? It certainly would explain why man has built into him a need for spirituality - on some level our "spirit" knows there is "other." In fact, some spiritual awakening moments might involve vision into other realms, universal perspective and glimpses of what could be. 

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