Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mind F$#K Tuesday: Is Your Aura Your Spiritual Magnet?

Every autumn, I would pile a bunch of my gal pals into a car and drive up to Sedona for a weekend girl getaway in which we would have margaritas, Mexican food, shop, hike to the vortex, shop at new age shops, and get our aura pics done. 

One year, I told the lady taking the photo that I was going to try an experiment. I wanted to pull up the spirits I feel around me all the time. She asked me, "how many is that?" I said, "it feels like 3 main ones." She smiled, humoring me, no doubt. Then, as we awaited the Polaroid developing, we chatted a bit, she peeled back the film and we both gasped. She said, I do believe your connection with them is strong, you called them up and the lights in front of you are amazing. 

Another year, I told the photographer that I was going to look up and slightly to the right, if that was okay. I wanted to look to the location I believe I get my psychic input. We studied the photo as it was developing and then looked at it and smiled. There appeared to be some sort of spirit energy there.

My brother died just a few weeks before one of my trips to Sedona. I told the photographer that I felt him over my right shoulder all the time. The photographer's hand trembled as she asked me, "was he over 6-feet tall?" I nodded. 

The first time I psychically read a dead person in relation to a living person I was speaking to, the dead person was over her right shoulder. When I read other people in her life that were living, they were over her left shoulder. I began to see such a correlation over time, that I learned a better interpretive tool for me. It had me wondering why the dead are behind the right shoulder. I did a bit of research and the right side of one's aura is said to be masculine energy and involving things of the past. 

One thing I came to understand in a lifetime of encountering psychokinesis (objects moved by the mind) is that the human being might be a bit like the sun. The sun can have storms, creating geomagnetic changes on the earth, and the human being can also put out their own energy to affect the people and things around them. We often talk about someone having a peaceful energy or a beautiful energy, a magnetic energy... We are feeling this vibration. 

Here's an experiment.

Hold your hands in front of your chest, palms facing, far enough apart that if you stroke your fingers towards the opposite hand, the fingers almost, but don't quite touch the other. Now, stroke your right hand fingers towards your left palm. Do you feel a sensation? Switch hands now and stroke the left hand fingers towards the right palm. Do you feel something? The hand that feels the stroking is the hand that you read objects with in psychometry (psychic ability to read objects by touch and know about people who have handled them before). When you stroked, you didn't touch your hand, yet you felt it. The hand that was doing the stroking was the hand you give out your energy with - like in healing people or perhaps touching them to subdue them or to comfort them. You give energy with the stroking hand and you read other's with the hand that felt the stroking. One hand - energy in, one hand - energy out.

We often refer to people as having aura about them, as an air or an atmosphere about the person. It permeates those around them and attracts or repels. We may generate an energy field around us that is affected by our thoughts and our spirit. But, what if that field also can attract? We've heard of "ghost magnets" before. There are people who seem to have a trail of spirits around them. What is different about their aura? Is it a flame that is attractive or is it a flicker that is vulnerable? These are things to consider. 

Our soul is not something we measure in our physical form, but it is what the residents of next realm deal in. They see spirit for what it is, even in a living biological body. 

I think we can all agree that we have electrical and hormonal activity in our bodies, the burning of energy, the production of more energy from breakdown of nutrients, and to think that our energy is contained by the skin that surrounds us, is to assume that a leak in a bathtub upstairs will not soak through the ceiling to the room below. Forces of nature are bigger than containment fields, whether it's a sea wall, radiation suite, or human body.

That's your thought for today. I suggest you give an aura photo a try. It's an interesting experience. Lots of metaphysical bookstores and shops have the capability. 


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