Les Stroud: Survivorman Bigfoot

If you haven't seen Les Stroud's show "Survivorman Bigfoot," you really have been missing something worth your time.

I appreciate Stroud's expertise and his reverence for nature, as well as the fact he wasn't a Bigfoot hunter, he was simply an insightful outdoorsman who began to ponder some odd things he came across in the wilds and went in pursuit of the legends of Bigfoot and examined their supposed lair.

Stroud is a jack of all trades in the field of creative endeavors. His internationally watched show "Survivorman" was written, produced, filmed by him exclusively. He is active in many creative endeavors including making music, survivor skills, and filmmaking. He is a regular guy that men relate to and a rugged handsome sort to make us women sigh.

I like Les Stroud. He shows intelligence, adaptability, creativity, sensitivity, and insight. His approach is fresh, open, resilient and dynamic. Given his success in the fields of his focus, he is a truly innovative person and lives the adage, "the way you do anything is the way you do everything." 

I give Discovery kudos for snagging such a talent and I give Les Stroud my sincere respect. And, it takes a lot to get my personal admiration in the field of Bigfoot study. 

I hope to watch Stroud keep up the good work in all his paths of educating others and sharing on an intimate scale. Having his hand in the entire production solo gives it his voice. I'm thrilled that there are no added hands of overzealous producers and lackluster editors ruining Stroud's genuine outdoor experiences. 

I wish more shows could do this.