Compelling Bigfoot Footage - Two Individuals - Many Details

I don't often stop and watch a video and say, "whoa, that is chillingly authentic," but I recently came across a video that MK Davis had stabilized to better view. When I saw the stabilization and focus on the subject(s), I was amazed. TimberGiant Bigfoot
caught an unique moment in time.

Stabilized and zoomed frame captured by MK Davis on the TimberGiant video (below)

MK Davis had a look at TimberGiant's video above, curious to see what he could find if he stabilized it and honed in on the action. 

What he found was rather astonishing. 

It appears to be a Bigfoot who pops up from perhaps a lying down position to sit up. He is seen in profile. He is also seen lumbering off, as well as another one running through the distant clearing, the light hitting his hair brightly.

Upon occasion, I come across video that has some very unique traits that makes me look a second, third, fourth time and still it remains genuine in qualities. This was a very good capture by TimberGiant. I have subscribed to his channel and am following his work.


  1. TimberGiantBigfoot is the only youtuber I've seen who records videos that make me stop and wonder about bigfoot. I saw one some time ago on his channel that was genuinely unsettling. You couldn't put your finger on it, but it looked like he was being watched while he filmed the forest. At one point there was something in the distance that eerily looked like something that was not a tree, but was standing among the trees. I am not a bigfoot enthusiast or believer but his videos come the closest I've seen to showing something odd out there.


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